Friday, August 2, 2019

Will White Women Control the Outcome of 2020?

AP certainly thinks so - perhaps, HOPES so.

There have been many stories about women's - particularly the White women's - antipathy towards Trump. According to the article, women have an emotional reaction to his perceived crudity. Apparently, that distaste overwhelms any ability to analyze his performance on the job.

Style is the determining factor.

Funnily, actual crude behavior - JFK's and Clinton's boorish behavior with random women, Ted Kennedy's and Chris Dodd's "sandwiching" a waitress, or Johnson's practice of insisting on conducting conversations with subordinates while engaging in bowel evacuation (actually forcing them to be in the toilet with him) - seem not to bother these women.

But Trump bothers them.

I'm not convinced. Yesterday, there was a "news" report about the horrible situation of husbands/boyfriends who support Trump, and whose wives are adamantly anti-Trump. The girlfriend (engaged, but not married) was very emotional in her responses, indicating that she perceived Trump as a personal threat to HER.

Her fiancee, on the other hand, was quietly matter-of-fact about his support of the president. The more emotional she became, the cooler he responded.

I've no doubt that this is a typical scenario - the Trump supporter making their choice on performance, the anti-Trump having an over-the-top emotional reaction. It's a peculiarly female (or quasi-female) response - Mumsy is going to be SO upset unless you fall in line with what she wants!



I saw this analogy somewhere... Trump is like a doctor with no bedside manner.

He comes in, checks you out, looks at your lab work, and then says you need to eat better, lose 50 pounds, stop smoking, drink less, and start exercising. He's gruff, abrasive, and after your outrage fades you know he's right.

But too many would rather have their asses kissed.

Rick Caird said...

This was the AP. There is no information on hoow many women they queried, how many wee avowed Democrats, how they skewed their poll or on anything else. Never, ever trust the AP. They have no interests in truth or accuracy.

Susan said...

I really hate to see all white women smeared with such a broad, no pun intended, brush. Lots of us are staunch Trump supporters.