Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Out With the Religion-Lite, In With the Old

A church that had drifted far from Catholicism is brought back. AND, met with parishioner protests - right in the middle of Mass!

I commented on this, adding in some perspective from a recent trip to a Latin Mass - Solemn-High, at that!


Linda Fox said...

Just went to see the original report - the hysterically funny part is that the new, traditional priest, is Nigerian - and Black.

So, these Socially Aware and Completely Diversity-Affirming Dissidents are acting against - A Black man. An African.

SO non-PC!

A Reader said...

They interrupted the Mass. I'm a Baptist, and I know better. It boggles my mind.

Imagine interrupting the Crucifixion by saying, "Enough about Him! I want to talk about ME!"