Wednesday, August 7, 2019

What They Want

     I’ve been having more and more days when it’s almost too difficult to write for this site. I’ve forbidden myself to use emotional maladies as an excuse for slacking, which is why my Gentle Readers still get (on average) an essay per day. That having been said, my stress level has been higher than ever lately. I have no reason to think it will recede any time soon.

     My stress arises from politics and the political milieu itself. Much of what’s going on is enough to make my fists clench. It’s an inducement to lashing out. But a Certified Galactic Intellect doesn’t lash out lightly. He knows how to distinguish between temper tantrums and effective actions, and he strives always to do so. His problem...all right, enough referring to myself in the third problem is that we in the Right have deliberately forbidden ourselves to take effective action, while our enemies’ actions escalate ever higher and become ever more effective.

     Have a few links:

     Add to the above the recent reports that AntiFa monsters are preparing “milkshakes” filled with caustics and balloons filled with hydrochloric acid to throw at free-speech demonstrators. Apropos of which, has anyone given five seconds’ thought to why such things are AntiFa’s weapons of choice? Anyone? Bueller?

     Exactly! Because they don’t look like weapons. They give the police no “probable cause” under which to detain and interrogate them, as would guns or knives. So they can tote dangerous substances around, hurl them at their ideological adversaries, cause great harm, and get away with it. Genius, madness, or a fine blend of the two?

     The deterrent effect of Leftists’ tactics upon persons who might otherwise be minded to raise their voices for freedom of expression, or in defense of President Trump and his administration, cannot be measured. How does one determine the magnitude of something that didn’t happen? How does one count the bodies of those who refrained from attending a free-speech rally? Still, ordinary good sense suggests that the effect is significant.

     Pressure is building. The Left is preparing a “Battle of the Bulge.” Meanwhile “our” legislators and executives are maneuvering to betray us on gun rights, immigration and border control, federal spending, and foreign military interventions. It can’t lead to anything good. Growing general awareness of these things among decent Americans must eventually cause an eruption.

     My fear is that we’ll soon see violence on a scale unprecedented in peacetime. What do you fear, Gentle Reader?

     I’m a thinker and a writer. It’s pretty much all I do. It’s pretty much all I can do, given my age and declining health. I’m not about to don camo, break out the arsenal, mount my stallion, ride into the middle of the street, and shout “follow me!” But I’m not the only American disturbed to the point of fear and righteous anger over these I?

     Who out there is doing anything effective against the would-be tyrants of the Left and their agitators? Who out there is doing anything to keep “our” legislators and executives faithful to their supposed promises?

     At this point The Left is winning. Despite de jure control of the federal government by the GOP, they’re getting what they want. Present trends continuing, the results of the 2020 elections won’t matter. They’re making inroads against us on all the most important issues of the day, while “our” officials wring their hands and plead with the Left to “compromise.”

     The Left is supported by several major donors, by the media, by the Deep State, by AntiFa, and by external forces that would be pleased to see the United States collapse into chaos. Where is the Right’s support? Who stands for the Constitution? Who stands for freedom?

     With more than just lip service, that is.

     There are days on which I emit something like the above, return to my senses, and delete it. This will not be one of them.

     Something drastic is required of us, if we’re to have a nation worthy of respect and defense. I think we’re at the point where counteraction twice as loud and violent as the tactics of the Left is what remains to us. Yes, that means doxxings, harassments, assaults, and armed attacks on those who would attack us. They’ve gotten away with it; so can we – and with apologies to the shade of Jim Morrison, we have both the guns and the numbers.

     There: I’ve said it. Give them back exactly what they’ve given us, in doubled quantity and with doubled fury. Make them feel unsafe in their homes. “Milkshake” them – use chocolate – and let them wonder whether the stains will ever come out of their clothes. Don’t bother yourself about what the media will say; they’re already against us. They report on any harassment or violence against us as if we caused it.

     Above all, give up on civilizing them. Our impotent reliance upon passive rhetoric is another element in what they want: it freezes us in place while they advance.

     How could things get any worse?

     That’s enough for this morning, I think. Excuse me while I harvest a fresh piece of rebar to chew on. And do have a nice day.


Master Guns said...

Fran, if I may, I think most folks in the Midwest where I live are more like Jack Hinson (Jack Hinson's War). At this time our lives are comfortable, our morals regulated, our beliefs firm, and our family secure. We are the people who setup tents on the river's edge, swim and paddle the creeks and enjoy family bonfires. We hunt and fish and enjoy our bountiful environment. Our churches are still somewhat filled and our youth raised in grounded reality. Should a change that causes our pantries to be empty, our homes and families destroyed and a forced acceptance of depravity you will see many Jack Hinsons. Enough of us still know what freedom is like and are skilled in the arts of keeping it.


JWM said...

Ace has an excellent post on this today. I saw a facebarf post this last week from an acquaintance in our bicycling group. This guy is a fellow boomer, a nice guy, and not a dummy either. Yet he wrote: How can we be surprised at the gun violence when we've heard three years of nothing but racism, and raw hatred of minorities coming from the president.
You and I, and everyone who reads here knows that his sentiment is the perfect inversion of the ugly truth we have to look at every day.
Over and over again I read well crafted logical arguments from the right explaining carefully and in great detail how the anarchist left is wrong about this that and the other thing.
Those articles are useless. The right is carefully explaining the physics of combustion, while the left is screaming fire in a crowded theater. Who gets the attention? There is no common ground for discussion with those for whom Truth is not a value, but at best, an expedient.
The result here is that we are awash in a tide of anger. It is no accident that anger finds its way into both the seven deadly sins and the three poisons of Buddhism. Anger radiates from our media. It destroys any hope of happiness.
This war is being fought both on a temporal plane and on the spiritual. "Lead us not into temptation..." How do we resist the temptation to rage? I fight it every day, and every day I lose the fight. Perhaps this is what civilizational collapse looks like in its early stages. I just don't know.



Francis: I apologize ahead of time. You know why.

First, I incorporated this into my latest:

We are in absolute agreement that we stand on a precipice, and the Leftists are pushing to pull us all over.

Second, to @JWM: The problem is that we on the Right understand that we are fallen beings attempting to find our way towards betterment; thus, we're willing to take in facts, evaluate them, test them, and when we see that the facts fit reality better than our current beliefs we shed old beliefs for ones that better comport with the facts as we have them.

The Left is different. They believe they are better, more noble, more enlightened and thus superior beings... and they are these things because they have specific beliefs. Faced with facts that contradict those beliefs, which would undermine their view of themselves, they would rather reject the observations that contradict the facts.

I encounter it often when dealing with pro-migration/population replacement Jews - with whom I plead to wake up. They are so dopamine-addicted they'd rather see civilization fall, whether in regards to Islamic Hijra, or just illegals overrunning us, than admit their own behaviors are aiding this.

And if you'll permit me to be selfish, when the Saxon doesn't begin to hate, but lets loose with his hate, and that ire turns to us Jews (again), I will side with the Saxon - assuming I'm still alive - because the JINOs did it to us.

Ilíon said...

"Who stands for the Constitution? ... With more than just lip service, that is."

Almost no one. And I don't mean merely "almost no politicians", I mean "almost no one who considers himself a non-leftist."

Take simply the Constitutional requirement that the President and Vice-President must be natural born US citizens -- almost no one is willing to *honestly* contemplate what that means. The nearest one will get to an "argument" in support of the current "standard" (*) is "The Constitution doesn't define the phrase, so ....", as though the Founders were in the habit tossing phrases of unknown meaning into the document.

(*) i.e. "Who Gives A F[ornication]?"

Ilíon said...

"... because the JINOs did it to us"

I call 'em "Bagel Jews"

Tracy Coyle said...

I think a greater and greater portion of the Right, despite the respite Trump has somewhat gained, have reached a point of frustration where violence will be meet with violence and we are MUCH better at it individually.

My tolerance for the Left is all but gone. It is not that they believe the lies, it is they are openly creating them KNOWING they are lies and taunting us to engage them.

When it happens we will hear "who could have predicted"? Damn near all of us.