Monday, August 19, 2019

NC Runoff Election - It's Getting Dirty

The mud is a-slingin' and the half-truths are everywhere.

Naturally, the GOP candidate - Dan Bishop - is being smeared as being "in the pocket" of drug companies, for his vote on a bill to reduce drug prices.

"He voted against it!' McCready's ads are screaming!

Well, not exactly - he voted for an earlier version of it. He refused to vote for one version, as he hadn't had time to read it thoroughly.

Now, I'm not a professional politician, but I think that's just sensible - particularly as the Dems are notorious for making tiny changes that are both costly and NOT what bill sponsors had intended.

The other major thing that is said against him is that he invested in Gab in the early days. It's being described as a Nazi-infested site that was used by a recent domestic terrorist. As far as I know, the last part of that is correct.

You know what OTHER sites that terrorist probably used?

  • Google!
  • Facebook!
  • Amazon!
Horrifying, isn't it?

Gab may be a lot of things - they ran into some issues controlling the Leftist trolls, who used accounts to pose as Alt-Right advocates, and fill the site with a lot of crap.

Gab took appropriate action, took down the site temporarily, and cleaned it up, starting with shutting down the trolls. Do some express anti Semitic views, still?

Sure, a few, none of whom I follow. For that matter, anti Semitic messages are a hallmark of Leftists. I don't see them condemned. Gab, unlike Facebook, makes it relatively easy to ignore such posts, and block them from your feed.

Not eliminate them, just block them. That's the point of a place like Gab - you're free to be an a$$hole, and I'm free to ignore you.

If you live in that district, vote for whoever you like. Just don't do so on specious grounds.

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