Monday, August 19, 2019

So Crazy It Just Might Work!

I was reading this article about housing density, and I had a sudden epiphany!

Why not insist that government-supported housing agencies locate their projects in towns that are decreasing in population, preferably in areas closer to rural towns?

In fact, if those individuals who are so moved manage to find work, have a program to re-purpose formerly leased cars that have been reconditioned as a temporary lease to the formerly poor? Those individuals already resident may also qualify for that program.

This could be a win-win, giving new workers a reliable car, enabling them to create a work history, and increasing the tax base of a dying town. Half of the lease payments can be kept for the worker to use for a down payment on another car, or to buy it outright/get a loan for the rest. They can't get the payments unless they continue to be employed/if laid off, continue to vigorously look for other work.

Put locals in charge of the program, preferably NOT the touchy-feely types who will certify EVERYONE qualified for the program. Couple the program with regular meetings with job counselors who will teach basic business etiquette, critique performance, and smooth the way to self-sustainability.


Anonymous said...

Interesting concept, but.....

"Africa" is an interesting place; stuff there, as in "infrastructure" - electrical generating plants, water purification, even buildings and pickup trucks - degenerates into uselessness because African culture has no concept of "preventive maintance." Some African languages have no word or words to describe it. So, bearings don't get greased, worn parts don't get replaced, "stuff" is simply operated until it won't any more.

This is a cultural phenomenon in Africa, just as it is a cultural phenomenon in certain sections of numerous western cities (and even in some cases, the entire city). So, the question is: Would transplanting outsiders into a community result in that community adopting the outsiders' cultural propensity toward maintenance and improvement, or would the outsiders sink to - or, perhaps, be overwhelmed by - the existing residents' propensity toward sloth and acceptance of decline?

Ron Olson said...

Obama has done that and it tears small communities apart. I live in small farming town. No thanks.

Linda Fox said...

IF the newcomers were in sufficiently small numbers, and were immediately put to work (city cleanup, simple farm work), then, over several generations, they might assimilate and their children/grandchildren might have a chance.

I'm more inclined to bribe them to leave - forever. Enough money to buy a small plot of land in their country. Only good for those already present, whom we want to get rid of, who are not engaged in criminal activities. The Dreamers - to use a phrase.

But, the better solution is self-deportation. Shut down the jobs pipeline. Any state giving driver's licenses to them will result in their state's citizens having to show a passport to fly. Those states have to make a choice - them, or us.

By a thousand little cuts, make this country no longer a playground for illegals. Any illegal aliens in prison get sent to a separate prison (preferably off-shore), followed by deportation. Their home country gets the bill for all those costs, deducted from any assistance (including World Bank funds).