Friday, June 19, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different

     The world of independently published fiction is exploding, which is a mixed blessing. The garbage still heavily outweighs the good stuff, and probably always will. But there is some good stuff, and he who encounters it is likely to enjoy it greatly. He’ll find it equal in all the most important respects to the best of Pub World’s offerings.

     One asset good fiction of any sort must have is a sense of having been reviewed and revised until any noticeable flaws have all (or almost all) been found and removed. This is sometimes called “polish.” When a physical device exhibits good polish, it conveys a sense of craftsmanship and quality that assures the purchaser that he’ll be getting good value for his money. When a book exhibits good polish, it conveys the same sense and assurance. The reader can proceed with confidence that his experience won’t be ragged or crude.

     This is a far harder characteristic to imbue in independently produced films. Whether one approves of its emissions or not, Hollywood’s financial resources, technological base, and accumulated expertise pretty much guarantee that its productions will exhibit high polish. At any rate, it’s a rare thing for a prominent production company to produce a crudely finished movie. Indie filmmakers, lacking the assets Hollywood’s major houses command, have a much tougher row to hoe...even with the explosion of digital technology for videography, editing, and special effects available at low cost.

     Please excuse this fairly wordy lead-in for a simple offering. I have something to show you that I encountered quite by accident. It’s a short indie film, something of a homage to the Tomb Raider video games featuring the intrepid Lara Croft. Those games have inspired two major Hollywood productions starring Angelina Jolie, which came off very well.

     You wouldn’t think a crew of indie moviemakers, working with a minuscule budget, could do anything near to the polish and overall quality of those Hollywood productions. In a sense, you’d be entirely correct...but I think you’ll find the following impressive all the same, especially for the performance of actress Cassandra Ebner, who plays the heroine and performs all the stunts herself.

     I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


BlogDog said...

That wasn't bad, apart from how dark the scenes are. But it seems the lead relies an awful lot on the incompetence of the bad guys such as being unable to shoot. I find the independent short of the "The Punisher" (with Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman as a crippled liquor store owner) to have been better done.

Jeff Charles said...

Wow. No words.....

Oldfart said...

I've seen better - but not lately and the fact that she did all her own stunts is impressive.

Wayne said...

Fantastic, never a dull monent!!!!!!!