Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some preliminary thoughts on Jeb and Carly.

I just don't see how Bush wins the nomination. The only Republicans who are going to bother to vote in the primaries are sick to the point of nausea of squishy, inarticulate girly-man Republicans. I rather like Carly, myself: no girly-man, she.
~ Ed Sherling.[1]
Au Contraire, [it's not that voters just don't want another Bush;] he sucks. I didn't like him when he was governor of my native state, but he did do a reasonably good job as governor. However, his Mexican wife has turned him against America and I won't vote for him. Ted Cruz is our guy with Walker as my second choice and Carly Fiorina as VP or--maybe the top of the ticket. I like her better every day.
~ Amanda Trebiano.[2]

These comments were chosen completely at random and do not in any way mirror the thinking of this writer.

[1] Comment on "Jeb Bush Shocked That He Is Not Already President." By Emily Zanotti, The Spectacle Blog, The American Spectator, 6/11/15.
[2] Id.

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