Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quickies: Hear Ye, Hear Ye

     As I’ve grown tired of having to moderate precious little sniping comments from “Anonymous” cowards, I have changed the “Comments” setting at Liberty’s Torch from “anyone, including Anonymous” to “Users with Google accounts.” As Google accounts are free and have no concomitant obligations, this should not occasion unrest among legitimate commenters. At any rate, it’s preferable to the requirement, growing more common at heavily trafficked sites, for a “Facebook” account.

     To those who find what I write offensive, boring, or otherwise not to their taste: just imagine what I think of you. Oh, pardon me, my mistake: you can’t imagine; you haven’t the brainpower. So out of my infinite kindness toward the mentally challenged, I’ll make it explicit: I have nothing but contempt for you room-temperature IQ types who think derision constitutes worthwhile discourse. Your “comments” are the emissions of persons whose last substantive thought occurred before they were toilet trained. Have a nice life.

1 comment:

Weetabix said...

Good on you!

I've been thinking lately that I need to do a weeding of the things in my life that waste my time in ways I don't enjoy.

Once again, you've inspired me to action!

Although I may need to get my eyeglass prescription updated to deal with the little images. ;-)