Monday, June 15, 2015

Not for nothing the Colonel's appellation of "lunatic country."

“The Danes are disregarded as right-wing extremists along with other countries which don’t opt for a Swedish–style immigration policy.”
True! A few years back (maybe 2009), I actually followed the editorials in DN (largest “serious” daily newspaper) during the whole year, just to see how many countries they would condemn as “right wing” or racist. As I recalled, they got every single one in the EU plus some others!

These people really think that they are knights in shining armor, fighting nazis and fascists that are all around them. They have no problem regarding all of Europe as “extremists” and them selves as “normal”.

In a sane place, they would be under treatment, but in Sweden, they are in control!

Finally, they have manged to put a fresh spin on the term democracy. Normally, it means that the population replaces the political parties they don’t like. In Sweden, the political parties instead replaces the population!

Comment by utlandssvensk on "Sweden heading in a more multicultural direction." Swedish Surveyor, 6/8/15.

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