Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tempest fugit.


I'm also at the stage of discarding things to clean up my life. Problem is, that which I valued greatly is now just junk. For instance, I have a large collection of Caruso's original records on 78 rpm shellac, including his first recording, made in 1900. But when I mention this to people, they say: "who's Caruso?"

As Solomon said "all things come to pass, and are then forgotten". Look what happened to Kodak, Polaroid, and, recently, Blockbuster movies. The only thing that never changes is human nature.

Michael North

I really liked Caruso in NYPD Blue; I didn't know he'd made records. What are records?

Comments on "A Dull Lancet." By Theodore Dalrymple, Taki’s Magazine, 6/7/15.

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