Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Quickies: The Racism Double-Bind, Further Thoughts

     As I mentioned in my earlier post, the Left will “double-bind” the Right about the race of any minority candidate, regardless of whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican. There is only one escape from this trap. It lies in getting off the Mishnory road.

     Don’t be proud of your race, or your ethnic roots, or your “heritage,” however that might be construed. Those are things that happened to you; you did not choose them, did not participate in them, and did nothing to earn them. Know them. Know something about them, but eschew the notion of “pride,” which should only attach to one’s accomplishments. If you’re proud of something in the achievement of which you took no part, you’re expressing pride in someone else’s deeds. That’s wrongheaded and more; it’s a kind of theft.

     As you can see from the comments to this piece at Breitbart, the Left is absolutely terrified of losing its principal slander-weapon against the Right. That’s why they keep race and race-based divisions alive; they have nothing to compare with the charge of “racism,” which retains some punch even though it’s almost never accurate or relevant. Deny them the subject by refusing to discuss it with them: pro, con, or any variation thereof.

  • Do not discuss the race of any public figure with a Leftist. Ignore his mentions of it.
  • When a Leftist tries to bait you with racially-charged rhetoric, what he wants is for you to respond. Deny him what he wants.
  • Never, ever allow a Leftist to bait you into a discussion of race, racial disparities, racial preferences in law, or any related subject. He will immediately go on the attack, hoping to force you onto the defensive. That will do you no good whatsoever.

     Among other things, this will drive Leftist trolls absolutely bonkers...and what could possibly be more amusing than that?

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