Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quickies: A Taste Of One’s Own Posterior

     One of the reasons many persons choose one political allegiance over others is an affinity for the persons therein. In other words: If Smith, who is acquainted with both liberals and conservatives, likes and admires the conservatives substantially more than the liberals, it increases the probability that Smith will self-identify as a conservative.

     This has significant implications for trends in “political migration.” At any given time, sociological distributions will influence the net flow of persons from one political alignment to another, often rather strongly. That’s part of the reason the Left tries so hard to characterize persons on the Right as being closed-minded, puritanical, and bigoted: the truth is the exact reverse, and “liberals” who learn it first-hand are more likely to migrate from liberalism to conservatism.

     With that as a backdrop, have a gander at this brief piece:

     Via TV Newser we are learning that Fox News Channel has terminated its relationship with Bob Beckel the left-leaning, suspender-wearing, mumbling, grumbling, drug-addled co-host of The Five....

     A month after Beckel left the show the cable channel announced to viewers that Beckel had undergone major back surgery. On April 30, 2015 TV Newser reached out to Fox after learning that Beckel was being treated for addiction to prescription pain medication before and after his surgery....

     The embedded tweet below almost makes one sad. Almost.


     It’s not sad, not really. It’s illustrative. There are simply more nice people on the Right than on the Left – many more. It’s why you almost never hear of a conservative public figure migrating to the Left; the personalities on the Right are far more congenial. As a rule, we extend good will and behave courteously even toward persons who’ve drenched us in venom...something that can be fairly and accurately said about Bob Beckel.

     A quick morning snack for thought.

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