Friday, June 5, 2015

Islamic "reformation."

Commenter Yann puts his finger on the contortions necessary to make Islam into something other than the greatest grab bag collection of oppressive, murderous, savage, backward doctrines the world has ever seen bar none:
Most of pacific trends in Islam, like sufism, had to interpret the Q’ran in a way so metaphoric and creative than you could be reading instead some washing machine instructions and reach the same conclussions.[1]
He has an interesting take on why that is, namely, the relative reliability of the Koran and the Hadith on the issue of what Mohammed did or said. Since we supposedly know what he did and said, everything's locked in stone and we can all forget about anyone's "interpreting away" the inconvenient parts about enslaving and murdering infidels and engaging in subversion and treason when Muslims live in – and become citizens of – Western nations:
The big problem with Islam is that it is fixed in time. There’s no way to overrule Mohammed himself. Christianity and Judaism evolved because their sources were unreliable. And the more unreliable the sources (judaism), the more it has evolved.[2]
Having all eight schools of Islamic jurisprudence affirm the necessity of murdering blasphemers and apostates is certainly an aid to keeping Islam mired/locked/stuck in its mode of 7th-century desert banditry.

Another commenter, Guy Macher, supplies another insight:

Christianity’s violence occurs when Christ’s teachings are not followed. Islamic violence occurs as a result of Mohamed’s teachings.[3]
Christ never preached a literal warrior ethic but Mohammed wanted one-fifth of the war booty his rampaging troops stole.

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