Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why is this difficult?

“Multiculturalism means the coexistence of Islam, Asian religions and Christianity. We will do everything to spare Hungary from that,” [Hungary's prime minister] said in an interview with the daily newspaper Napi Gazdasag. “We welcome non-Christian investors, artists, scientists; but we don’t want to mix on a mass scale.”

[Viktor] Orban, whose governing Fidesz party was losing ground in the polls to the far-right [?], anti-immigrant Jobbik party, had clashed with European counterparts over his isolationist views. At the European Parliament in mid-May, he criticized as “bordering on insanity” EU proposals for migrant quotas drafted in response to thousands of deaths among asylum-seekers trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean in increasing numbers.[1]

An isolationist is apparently someone who doesn't think public spaces in his country should be used as latrines and for whom the prospect of Mogadishu am Danube is unappealing. I suppose the WWII Red Army was composed of isolationists as they're said to have resisted the German invasion with consider energy and unimaginable sacrifice.

By way of contrast, Western people in the main wet their pants at the thought of being submerged in a tidal wave of foreigners. With joy, of course, not out of fear.

Our work is done.
What else can one say but that we are a weak, vagified, maudlin, brain-dead, contemptible civilization?
[1] “MULTICULTI ENDING.” By Chris Brand, IQ & PC, 6/9/15.


KG said...

"What else can one say but that we are a weak, vagified, maudlin, brain-dead, contemptible civilization?"
No argument from me about that. We will end up with the civilization we refuse to fight for - that is to say, no civilization at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much a fan of the farcical antics of Mark Dice, but I do think there is an interesting point to be taken from his recent "nuke Russia/nuke the US" campaign. I don't know how scientifically this unscientific poll was taken, but from appearances, he got a lot of average Americans to sign his tongue-in-cheek poll to "nuke Russia", but he largely got the opposite response from Russians he asked about "nuking the US". It sounds to me like the average person on the street in Russia is a lot like the average American on the street oh, say, 25 years ago. And conversely, the average American on the street today sounds to have an IQ of about 75.

This strangely coincides with my personal experiences of walking around the streets of downtown Chicago. Even just ten years ago, a vast majority of the people you would see were of the business variety, dressed for the office and carrying a briefcase. These days, it seems the professional types have dwindled, and instead, what you see are 20-somethings with ear plugs, purple hair, and skateboards, or the sexual point-makers, with day glow leopard print spandex, Mohawks, and full makeup. I can only imagine that the business people have tired of the antics, and have retreated via telecommutation to the safety of their home offices.

The long and short of it is, "normal" America continues its pull-back, while "insane" America accelerates its sprawl.