Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rules: A Guest Post From Ol' Remus

     [Ol’ Remus, the proprietor of the lamentably silenced Woodpile Report, has favored Liberty’s Torch with another brief essay. Enjoy! -- FWP]

     DC has lately taken it upon itself to decide the legitimacy of its critics and act upon its verdicts without review or constraint, its decisions preferably validated by over-the-top simulated contrition bullied from its prey. But the larger part of the citizenry is not about to accept serial humiliation at the hands of self-declared lords, nor shall they accept alleged illegitimacy in their own homeland, nor are they to be deflected by DC's choking off avenues of redress for all but their loyal cadre. This is a 'space station view' of America today.

     To use a current example, DC has summarily declared Southern heritage to be illegitimate; in fact, the region in its entirety has been reseated below the salt. Do they suppose this will be accepted, do they expect abject capitulation at some future hour? Or is it more reasonable to suppose they've created another hostile outlier seething with resentment and looking for payback?

     And are we to assume there will be thoughtful deliberation in DC about the limits of this hate fest? Shall we suppose limits will be discussed in a collegial way, or shall we suppose there will be bitter, non-stop contempt orchestrated by the Emerald City—mandatory loathing in the schools, hysterical denunciations by the media and such?

     So it is the ranks of the proscribed grow, which include those who are next and know they are next. It's from such material a solid opposition has formed, robust and kinetic, parallel to, and wholly unacceptable to, the regime. Those in DC who aren't panicked by this are vengeful and ambitious, and out of control.

     DC's assault on dissent is now unbounded by civility, law, truth or facts. They've come to rely on direct action, uncontaminated by genuine due process, much less by consent of the governed. It's called rule by law rather than rule of law. But trashing equitable conduct has a downside: once the boundaries are redrawn, they're redrawn for everyone.

     The opposition DC has branded as "outlaw" appears willing to take them at their word and behave accordingly, which is to say, willing to behave as DC behaves. Perhaps it's the only viable option; there's no more to give, the spring is compressed to solid. DC can hardly complain; the opposition relied on good will and imagined a mutual commitment to the nation's founding principles. Events say they were wrong.

     So we lurch toward an abyss. Those who aren't being dragged are being pushed, feeling for the edge with their toes. There's little in this for the peaceful, even less for the unprepared. The "over-center moment" has arrived, or perhaps has already passed; either way, the decisions of major consequence have already been made. The long quiet has reached its end. Be prudent. Stay away from crowds.


Unknown said...

they play "the knock-out game" with us. everyday. when we complain, they call us bitter and racist. everyday. it's much like a mosquito in your room at night. you know it's only quest is to bite, and you can't rest till you know it won't bite anyone anymore. such is the state of social discourse, summer of 2015.

Eskyman said...

The American culture has been taking a pounding; Republicans kept promising to undo the evils of Obama, but success after electoral success has resulted in zero, nada, zilch. Lesson learned: there aren't two parties anymore, there is only one: the ruling party; whether R or D is really irrelevant.

That's why I support Trump. He's a businessman, not a politician. He's the only one yelling out the truth, that illegals swarming across the border are literally killing us.

Trump has fire in his belly! Trump is calling for the Silent Majority to make a stand!

I'm thinking Farragut: Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Anonymous said...

The pot is indeed simmering. Loins girded, powder dry, Godspeed y'all...

Pointing&Laughing said...

Thanks, Remus. I've been terribly saddened by the recent attacks on out heritage. I know what the end game is, and history pretty much predicts the outcome, which saddens me even more and makes me fear for the future of my children and grandchildren. Time to go into the woods for some serious thinking.

Paul Bonneau said...

The ruling class seems determined to create as many rebels as possible.

YIH said...

IMHO, I think Trump is (politically) a fraud. He's running only to stroke his own ego, nothing more.
In fact, as I've stated elsewhere, it would not surprise me one bit if he bows out before October.
Sooner or later he will be hoisted on his own illegal immigration petard - and then he'll call it quits.
While the rest of the field is ''the GOP Klown Kar'' (another clown seems to tumble out every week), Trump is the circus sideshow. As he pretty much always has been.
Don't tell me, ''Oh Trump's not really like that!'' because yes, yes he is.

Robohobo said...

"DC's assault on dissent is now unbounded by civility, law, truth or facts."

I say it is time for the old moonshiners rules as applied to revenoors:
Shut up

Refer to the A. Solzhenitsyn quote that starts:
"“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?....."

Pravda Zvíťazí said...

@YIH, Even if Trump is nothing but a massive fraud, he can still be useful. The American populace has been just battered from every institution with liberalism-as-postulate. Being able to get a sense for their numbers again, and the power that cones with those numbers, is benefit in itself.

Anonymous said...

Re: Solzhenitsyn quote: See John Ross' novel "Unintended Consequences here:

Enjoy and study...

Stephen J Carter said...

The Left won't ever stop hating, and their incapable of self-inquiry to see that the condition of America today is largely their doing. So the Democrats will just keep dismantling the nation, and destroying the economy, and fomenting racial discord (from which they benefit), and betraying the nation's friends while sucking up to its enemies. They won't stop, and they'll never take responsiblity. Matt Damon's recent pathetic 1% conspiracy ramblings is a good example. So it appears the USA is locked in a negative spiral. It's hardly surprising the GOP in Congress is running scared, even though they've been given electoral victories to bring change. This is what happens when the Left controls the elite culture. Culture always trumps politics. The silent majority will have to take back their country from the leftist scum who are poisoning the culture.