Wednesday, October 28, 2015


     FWP: As one who is irresistibly drawn to unanswered questions—
     CSO: Oh boy, here we go again.

     FWP: Quiet, wench. I find that I must ask: Why Franks and Beans?
     CSO: What do you mean?

     FWP: How were the two conjoined? Were there other, less successful combinations? Say, Franks and Corn? Or Franks and Broccoli? Or, may God preserve us, even Franks and Brussels Sprouts?
     CSO: Nope. It’s always been Franks and Beans.

     FWP: But was that the one and only combination the inventor tried? Were there no other experiments before Franks and Beans were married once and for all, for no man to put asunder?
     CSO: Why don’t you look into it?

     FWP: Because there are undoubtedly powerful forces determined to keep the genesis secret! The heads of shadowy conglomerates with vast stakes in the maintenance of the culinary status quo!
Surely the Bush family is involved!
     CSO: Hey, you’re the foremost intrepid adventurer of our time. Gird your loins and dig until you can reveal to the world the unspeakable truth! Stop at nothing! Let no array of opposing forces daunt you!

     FWP: Sounds like a plan. Maybe after dinner.
     CSO: Another helping?
     FWP: (belches feelingly) Sure.


FrozenPatriot said...

CJB: do we have any cheese to enjoy with this bottle of wine?
CSO: I believe we have an aged sharp cheddar. Say, why the combination of wine and cheese?

CJB: why the combination of peanut butter and jelly? Why eggs and pork? One may never know...
CSO: Indeed... what else is there?

CJB: how about you and me? We go well together, kinda like wine and cheese...
CSO: awwwwww... :-)

CJB: Yep, I'm pretty cheesy and you whine a lot... :-)

Reg T said...

I have it on very good authority that - originally - it was Franks (as in the French) and Brie. Since the Germans in Frankfurt couldn't bring themselves to eat Brie with their "Frankfurters", they chose beans in its place. They then claimed that the reference was to frankfurters all along, and had nothing to do with those cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

Which raises another question: how can someone eat Limburger cheese and yet turn their nose up at Brie?

Anonymous said...

Francis, Step up out of the rut. Surrender to Bacon and Beans, the original Yankee combo. Try it, you'll like it.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Can't, Anon. The C.S.O. runs the kitchen!

Navvet55 said...

Us heathens out here in the hinterlands always refer to em as
"Beans & Weenies". Used to make up my own version and torture the kids with em from time to time.

Joseph said...

There's franks and rolls. There's franks and sauerkraut...

gleefullysubmissive said...

Oh Lord, why am I adding to this silliness? It is DEFINITELY franks and sauerkraut! Oh- wait! I see Joseph said that already...Never mind