Friday, October 9, 2015

Quickies: The New Button

     Confession: While I’m a capitalist, I’m not a terribly good capitalist. I’m prone to giving my written work away, mainly because I find it flattering just to have a readership. However, over the years I’ve received a lot of email to the effect that I should mend my ways. Recently a few readers have noted that now that I’m retired, I should be looking for ways to augment to my income. While such counsel doesn’t have the impact of “the still, small voice,” when it’s sustained over time it can have an effect.

     So I’ve added a “Support Liberty’s Torch” button. It’s the usual sort of PayPal mechanism you’d see at a site such as this. I’ve put it below the blogroll so it won’t be too conspicuous, though I’m sure that those who scroll down that far into the site will recognize it at once. If the Spirit should move you to do so, please feel free to use it.

     Mind you, I’ll keep writing whether or not I receive any donations. This is for you, Gentle Reader. If you’d like to feel more a part of the work that’s posted here, this is your way to do so. Several longtime readers, both here and at Eternity Road, have asked for that opportunity, and as it’s entirely voluntary, I’ve decided there’s no harm in it.

     And now it’s back to the salt mine. Thank you for being a reader of Liberty's Torch.


Chris said...

Thank you for being a writer of Liberty's Torch.

Weetabix said...

Judging by the limited choices offered under the button, one might speculate that your humility outweighs your capitalism, too. ;-)