Friday, October 9, 2015

Marine lashes out at Hollande and Merkel.

See Marine Le Pen's speech with translation at Gallia Watch.


Reg T said...


The terrifying thing is that - while others have hinted at it, I have read no remarks (let us hope I merely have not come across them yet) that plainly state this is not merely countries who will drown in a sea of welfare cases, destroying their social service agencies. We are also watching an incredible _fifth column_ of invaders, provocateurs, muslims sent here to destroy the governments of nations so that the Universal Caliphate may be realized.

While ISIS is the true expression of islam, changing the world to the point where shariah rules every country will happen much more quickly if agents of such change are allowed to burrow from within. I don't know if Merkel is a secret muslim or a deluded One World believer who thinks this is the fast way. Perhaps she is part of a cabal who thinks they can get the muslims to do the "heavy lifting" by establishing shariah in her lifetime, and the cabal imagining it has some method in place which can switch control over once the Caliphate is realized.

No matter. The biggest issue for us is that Europe will fall quickly with another million "refugees - most of whom are fit young single _muslim_ males, not families of Christian fleeing persecution and death. This "fifth column", added to the millions of muslims already in place (and sinking the economies through unlimited social welfare costs), will be enough to bring down each nation when they begin to act as planned.

I am beginning to think we have not been paranoid enough. I have wondered if Obama would be willing to step down and allow some sort of farcical election process to take place in 2016. Now I wonder if Europe will be a Caliphate in 2016, and our islam-worshipping "President" will declare America part of the Caliphate in 2016.

Allow me to wear my tin foil hat for a bit longer while I say that this remote possibility is a part of Obama pushing for accepting so many Syrian refugees. Many of which may be Iranian provocateurs _cycled_ through Syria to make them appear somewhat more legitimate.

No, it probably won't happen in 2016, but I have no doubt that Obama - and the ones who pull his strings so adroitly (via Jarrett and others) - will do all that he can to see that America gets pushed further toward the Universal Caliphate that the followers of islam desire. And which - as demonstrated by Merkel and Hollande - the controllers of the European Union desire, as well.

I'm hoping that Putin sees this and is actively resisting it. I believe he may be doing so, which puts him closer to doing what is right for America than our own Chief Executive. Imagine that.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg T, this is all predictable and has been from the beginning of the West's mad experiment with immigration. Enoch Powell paid a high price for telling the truth but most of his countrymen recoiled in horror.

I have good memories of blacks in Africa and the Caribbean but it never occurred to me that importing them to the U.S. by the millions would benefit us in any way. All the more so with Muslims whose savagery and unwarranted attitude of superiority need not be rehashed here.

The urge of leftist Western politicians and thinkers to destroy their own countries is one inexplicable thing to me. Even they should see that a short-term benefit to them in elections means far worse problems at the same time. Don't they have children too?

The other inexplicable is the failure of the populace to react. No, their meek acceptance and, sometimes, aggressive defense of their own destruction. Other than extremely limited immigration, embracing any other kind of immigration is exactly like marrying a drug addict or having an adulterous affair. Short-term benefit but long-term pain. Why is this not understood about immigration?

Well, as the saying goes, you can't reason people out of positions that have not reached by reason. So I'm down to praying for an early collapse and the ensuing pain to wake people up. Just as parents and spouses must eventually show their drug-addicted loved ones the door to face the consequences of their actions. I think now too many people don't experience the negatives of immigration and so can't empathize with their countrymen who DO have to deal with them.

The establishment of an overtly Islamic government will not happen now but the foundations thereof are being laid all over the West. The choice for ALL westerners is to expel all third-world immigrants or face EVENTUAL destruction. There can be no compromise on this. It's one or the other. No amount of saying that I am a malevolent swine will change that fact in the least. After I'm dead, it will still be the stark choice we face. If we don't act to save ourselves, well then, we don't deserve to keep what we've got, though for the life of me I don't know how the hopefulness of the Enlightenment and the scientific revolution translated into this pathetic weakness that we see all around us. The willful blindness. The stupidity.