Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Quickies: “Black Lives Matter”

     I spend a bit of time each week perusing sites widely regarded as the seedy sub-basement of the World Wide Web. Among them are sites that occasionally indulge sentiments that any Gentle Reader of Liberty’s Torch would regard as beyond the pale. Indeed, I would regard them that way, especially the expressions of anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism (which, by the way, isn’t always joined at the hip to anti-Semitism).

     Yet there’s something to be said for a writer brave enough to express a near-universally condemned opinion right out in front of God and everybody: you must grant him the courage of his convictions. And now and then, he’ll do the rest of us a service we’re reluctant to acknowledge: he’ll trumpet something we know all too well, that’s critically important, but that “acceptable” writers and sites lack the courage to say.

     Thus it is this morning:

     The problem with the Black Lives Matter movement, like so many regressive anti-White leftoid movements, is that it is bogus. Built on a foundation of lies. Utter bullshit, if you will.

     When an actual, fact-based analysis of police shootings is conducted, we find that most black suspects killed by cops are 1. armed, either with gun or automobile 2. shot by black cops 3. had prior arrest records or 4. are mentally ill (and thus more likely to behave erratically around cops).

     Furthermore, a meta-analysis of simulations testing police use of deadly force, which was quickly shoved down the memory hole by Hivemind information gatekeepers, found that police reacting to threatening scenarios are biased IN FAVOR of black suspects and AGAINST white suspects....

     Black Lives Matter? Yes, apparently they matter too much. White Lives Matter Less is closer to the truth. And the Lords of Lies, lying through their teeth about the reality of black violence and vigilantly promulgating their anti-White and anti-cop message of civilizational self-annihilation, have the blood of innocent Whites on their hands.

     Please read the studies and analyses linked in the citation above.

     While several of Chateau Heartiste’s opinions are highly unpopular, a couple of them fall into the category of “things we all know but of which we must not speak.” They are well supported by widely available facts, and facts cannot be racist, nativist, sexist, or any other form of “ist.” Facts are independent of anyone’s opinions, though they may cross-cut the pieties of our oh-so-politically-correct age.

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