Friday, October 16, 2015

That which cannot be mentioned.

Here is a BBC graphic of the route of the present invasion of Europe from Turkey:

Sea routes from Africa to Europe are not shown but migration from Africa is substantial.

Here is a map of the Greek and Bulgarian border with Turkey. The red line has been added to highlight the border.

The approximate length of the Greek and Bulgarian border with Turkey is 175 miles or 292 kilometers.

Here is a map of the Mediterranean with a red line drawn from the easternmost point on the coast of mainland Greece south past Crete and west to the Straits of Gibraltar.

The approximate length of the boundary quite arbitrarily drawn is 2,292 miles (or 3,987 kilometers).

The E.U. comprises a population of 508 million people and has a GNP of some $19 trillion (€16,7 trillion).[1]

The military forces of the following nations have the indicated numbers of active and reserve troops:

  • Poland, 635,000;
  • Greece, 458,000;
  • France, 399,000;
  • Germany, 325,000;
  • United Kingdom, 329,000;
  • Portugal, 251,000;
  • Switzerland, 212,000;
  • Romania, 153,000;
  • Spain, 139,000;
  • Denmark, 88,000;
  • the Netherlands, 80,000;
  • Hungary, 72,000;
  • Norway, 71,000;
  • Austria, 57,000;
  • Sweden, 40,000;
  • Czech Republic, 32,000; and
  • Slovakia, 14,000.[2]

Total military personnel in the above nations: 3,508,000 troops.[3]

Germany at one time was able to fight its way to the outskirts of Moscow (955 miles from the German border) but now it and Europe as a whole are, with 3.5 million troops, simply unwilling to interdict the invasion of the European heartland by enforcing a boundary of 2,467 miles (4,279 kilometers) against unarmed men, women, and children.

The de facto official position of all of these nations (excluding all or most of the E. European nations), is that the only thing that can be done is to surrender to the invaders and pay the jizya tax to them when they reach their lands.

Interdiction is simply not discussed. Instead, every opportunity is taken to choose an option for dealing with the invasion that

  1. passively accepts the decisions of hundreds of thousands of primitive and hostile third worlders to enter Europe as a matter of right,
  2. pleads with Turkey (that is encouraging the invasion) to stop the invasion, or
  3. otherwise adopts a posture of powerlessness and the complete abandonment of the initiative.
The civilizational gulf between Europe and the Islamic and African worlds is enormous but even this is studiously ignored, if not actively and zealously misrepresented. Or even welcomed.

Objection to the invasion in the European homeland is suppressed with a vengeance.[4] No voice can be safely raised to demand a reversal of Europe's suicidal course.

Billions of pounds and euros of military equipment lie idle when the survival of Europe is at stake. Billions more are spent just for the salaries of the troops. What use of these military forces do European leaders envision? When will they be used if not now?

Europe has chosen in this crisis to deploy nothing more than flowers, teddy bears, halal snacks, and sick smiles as the invaders swarm over their land.

How long will honorable and patriotic military men sworn to defend their lands stand idly by? The military's coming out of the barracks is never, ever mentioned, but individual acts of sacrifice and heroism are not now, and never have been, sufficient to rectify the smugness, the stupidity, and the betrayal of all national and European leadership.

Politics have failed.

There is no political solution. A gradual awakening of the populace that might gradually send patriots into the national governments will lag by years the point of no return as the invasion progresses. Bitter experience of the nationalist parties shows that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Nor will the Treason Class relent or compromise. If you doubt that, read what Vera Jourova said again.

So? What options are left?

[1] European Union .
[2] Additions to and omissions from this list are arbitrary. The intention is to give a general idea the military strength of Europe.
[3] Global Firepower.
[4] See comments at this link of E.U. Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Vera Jourova.


Dystopic said...

If one cannot summon the courage to defend the borders because somebody is calling someone else "racist", then how can we be expected to fight greater enemies?

Just what do these people think a military is for, if not to defend their own borders?

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's one of the really tragic ironies of our time that our Western military might proves useless in the face of pathetic concepts like "racist" or "bigot." Rita Tushingham was in an unremarkable movie -- ok, why am I remarking on it then? -- in the '70s in which there was a funny scene where she is facing four unthreatening young men in a park and very quietly says the word "rape." She softly repeats this word several times and each time the group of guys instantly moves further away by a stop action camera device. It's emblematic of the way in which the West conducts its business now. The most vital interest imaginable -- the survival of a nation, its people, and their culture -- are left unprotected.

We are like passengers in an automobile with the accelerator welded to the floor and the brake lines cut. Politics, as I say in my post, are no kind of a brake. Those with political power in the West implement policies for which they did not obtain the approval of the voters. Voters are either powerless to restrain the powerful or they refuse to take an interest in matters that might well kill them or enslave them and any of their children who might survive.

Either way, no brakes. And, alas, I do think this is all a failing of the people. We proved to be unworthy of our ancestors.

Reg T said...

I have seen recent posts concerning "refugees" in Germany, where a town of 100 is being forced to accept 1000 "migrants". When German citizens protest, their "masters" tell them they can leave the country if they don't like it.

Anonymous said...

If you wait for the armed forces to actt, you will have to wait till the sun goes out.

Some time ago the forcible retired General Guenzel of the german army told a story:
When the french president de Gaulle was threatened by the mutiny of french officers regarding Algeria, the german chancellor Adenauer asked his aide Mr Gumbel, if there was a possibility of german officers standing up against him.
Gumbel replied: The way we select our officers you have nothing to fear.

Right now the german army is erecting tents for the refugees and they are sharing their bases with them. Yes, german soldiers have to sleep in tents so that the refugees can sleep in the barracks.

The german army will never rise up against Merkel.
We germans are destined to die with a wimper.
My opinion: If I had a trigger to erase all live in Germany for all time I would be tempted to use this button.
Because I do not want to live in a muslim Germany.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's probably an accurate assessment of the senior leadership of the army though I have this thought. One starts at the lowest rank in any military as a general rule and success for lieutenants and captains requires initiative, technical competence, and good leadership. These men are the raw material for higher leadership positions. Thus, it may be that Gumbel may have confused bureaucratic cunning with weakness and passivity.

Then there is the Batista phenomenon. A sergeant seized power. That may be an even more unlikely possibility from what you know about German thinking.

I like your idea of a switch. I have a hope that conditions will soon get bad enough to infuriate a lot of Europeans. Given the passivity of Europeans until now -- and their strong aversion to hearing to truth or studying independently -- it is likely to take too long a time for consciousness to shift.

I do think it is interesting that the man who stabbed Frau Reker was, apparently, a "normal" man. No criminal past, just a guy who had had enough, and specifically on the immigrant issue. One swallow does not make a summer make, as we say, but I think that represents the tip of the iceberg of German sentiment. Normal men do not throw away their freedom and their future like that for trivial reasons.

A military coup is not what I want, of course. But I do think politics is useless now. It's an elite show and not at all a patriotic or mentally balanced elite. As Professor Ryszard Legutko lectured Merkel in the European Parliament, E.U. politics is primarily focused on problems created by the formation (and activities) of the E.U. I may not have his thought just right but I think he was raising the issue of the Politics of Nothing, politics divorced from reality.

So on the most important issue of all for any nation -- national sovereignty and survival of the indigenous people -- there are no politics. "Politics" is precisely what has given us this disaster, this betrayal. And the national electoral systems have proved to be armor plated against the legitimate wishes of the people.

If that is an accurate assessment, what then is left but organized opposition to betrayal. Apart from the occasional attacker on the Rekers of this world, I think there will be no spontaneous rebellion.

Still, there was a huge rising up during the French Revolution. That would have been unthinkable 50 years before.

I do think that even the possibility of a military intervention is not discussed. It goes against many years of inculcating an apolitical military (in the U.S.) so it's understandably a sensitive topic but, sensitive or no, who will save the day when "politics" fails and anarchy arrives?

Anonymous said...

Hello, Col Bunny,
I have to disappoint you. Right now the german media is publishing news about this man who attacked Mrs Reker.
He once tried to join the FAP (Free German Workers Party, before this party was forbidden by the Constitutional court.
The german newspaper DER SPIEGEL reports that the assassin was active in right wing circles about 20 years ago. The german police has till now nothing in their files regarding this man.
The Antifa of Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg area reports that the man took part in the Rudolf Hess memorial marches in 1993 and 1994.
For those who can read german the article is found at
Other politicians are claiming that PEGIDA has encouraged him to do the attack.

But I would like to see an uprising of the germans and get politicians in the seat of power that serve the people and ask themselves would results their policies have today and in 20, 30 or more years.

Col. B. Bunny said...

@Anonymous, your earlier point about the generals is buttressed by this article by William Lind. Ironically, it appears that the Wehrmacht of WWII demanded rigorous honesty and rewarded independent-minded leaders. He says nothing about the modern Wehrmacht. Just from the standpoint of German military effectiveness I hope it has not abandoned the approach of the German High Command of that earlier time. He does speak of the "up or out" policy of the American army. That does put the fear of God in officers who must be very careful not to earn an unfavorable rating in their early career. It may be that what is fostered is caution more than careerism, though I grant you that careerism would be a result of caution as well. Play the game at all costs.

Thanks for the additional info on the attacker of Frau Reker. I suppose you could say I am disappointed that the attacker was not an ordinary citizen for that would have been evidence that there is fury on the part of the middle or working classes.

I was in error to equate "normal" with "lack of criminal record." This is not to suggest that a supposed association with "right-wing circles" is abnormal either. Europeans propagate or accept the ridiculous idea that fascism or National Socialism is right wing whereas they were radical leftist phenomena. If "left wing" signifies total government or excessive statism then "right wing" signifies free markets and limited government.

But I know that is not the European usage these days. Which is a pity as it obscures important differences. It's a deliberate obfuscation, of course, but I won't go into that now. In Europe today, apparently, "leftist" means "correct, kind, decent, saintly" and "rightist" means "thug, misogynist, killjoy." Thus, AntiFa is clearly a right-wing movement but, as per the European confusion to which I alluded, they are leftist angels.

The willingness to look into just the near future is absent in almost all modern Western countries. I cannot imagine what Merkel thinks will be lovely and humane in the Germany of 20 years from now if, um, changes are not made. Too, Barbara Lerner-Spectre seems keen on having a large lump of Africans and Muslims in Europe. How this will make Europe safer or more comfortable for Jews with millions of Muslims for their new neighbors is a mystery to me. I suspect she plans to remove herself to Israel when she feels a little discomfort.

Anonymous said...

Hello Col Bunny,
the german army of today is NOT the revived Wehrmacht. Quite the contrary.
In 1998 the german parliament made a decision that no member of the Legion Condor may be honored by the Bundeswehr. Therefore the german fighterwing 74 lost the honorname "Mölders". When soldiers of this fighterwing tried to make a petition, they were ordered to stop doing this.

According to our politicians the Wehrmacht is NOT honorable, because they served Hitler.

According to the Bundeswehr there are three things that the traditions of the Bundeswehr are based on:
1) the reformation of the prussian military 1807-1814
2) military resistance against Hitler and the Nazi-regime
3) the history of the Bundeswehr itself
(German source:!ut/p/c4/JYvLCsIwEEX_KJNoBXHng6Ib3al1U5JmTANNUsapBfHjTfAeOJvDhQdkon57p9mnqAe4Q9P5jZmFmS22_vkR3GPAKMyE5JDaF2vNcCtHi6JLEbmYMbLPdqQ5kRgT8VDKRJSL8BYaqQ47tVQL-Z_6rvfXY12tKnk61xcYQ9j-AKiOFcI!/)

All german politicians honor Colonel Stauffenberg and ask that people show some spine against nazis on the streets.
But you may show no spine against politicians or their orders.
For instance when General Günzel was removed from office (he had written a letter to a patriot on official armed forces paper and praised him) his driver was told to drive back to base without him. But the driver, a low ranking soldier declined and waited for General Günzel. But this was the only spine shown. No other officer or member of parliament stood up for General Günzel..

And to Ms Barbara Lerner-Spectre:
When England and France fall into muslim hands, so do their nuclear arsenals. If the muslims, purely hypothetically speaking, fire all these nuclear missiles at Israel, how will Israel respond? Samson option? Fine, but where?
They can irridate the area around Israel, but the muslims in Europe survive then. If they fire their missiles at Europe, then the muslims close to them survive. And if they fire only at big targets, yes, they will kill a lot of muslims(and the last europeans) but as every muslim family has at least 5 children, it will not take them long to reach the population numbers before the nuclear strike.
I think, Ms Barbara Lerner-Spectre did not think this far into the future...