Monday, October 19, 2015

Really Quickies: From The Garbage Heap

     If you’d like a gander at “how the other side emotes,” take a look at this post at this hard-to-describe site, particularly the comments that follow commenter "alauda’s" citation of this bit of dark foreboding. These past two days a fair amount of traffic has come here from there.

     Note the complete lack of rational analysis. Note the immediate and unconditional willingness to condemn me, as if the scenario I wrote about were something I actually want to happen. What do you suppose those outraged emoters would have to say about the extended edition?

     The Left is uniform in several ways, and among these the readiness of Leftists to assume their moral and intellectual superiority over anyone who differs with them is the most destructive. Ultimately, the destruction will turn back on them...but perhaps we shouldn’t mention that. It might provoke them to actual thought – and inasmuch as they appear not to have done any thinking in quite some time, that’s likely to hurt.


pdwalker said...

It's like they live in a different world which uses the same symbols, but with completely different meanings attached to them.

Communication, real communication of ideas becomes nigh impossible

Manu said...

Vile770 strikes again. I will quote Niven's Law, used by S.M. Stirling when people came after him for writing the Draka books:

“There is a technical term for anyone who thinks that a fictional character’s biases and prejudices are those of the author’s; that technical term is: ‘idiot’.”