Thursday, October 22, 2015

Makes you think.

Yes nsa [who had asked if anyone had worked in an Arab country or had actual dealings with Arabs], I lived and worked in the Middle East. As a teenager my family resided in Egypt for a while and then, more recently, I worked in the Emirates (worked in Sharjah and lived next door in Dubai). My wife was an Iraqi Christian who, while I was still in college, befriended a couple of coeds from the Emirates. The Emirates are not the place to be in the summer when temperatures can reach 130 degrees F. As a rule, anyone with any status leaves for better climates in the summer. These two girls, sisters, each rented an apartment while studying in the US but actually used but one. The other was set aside for the summer months when the rest of the family would visit to escape the extreme heat. We all got along rather well. We hung
out together and took trips. I think the oldest brother was the head of the narcotics division of his emirate’s police force or some such. Another brother was a pilot with one of the Emirati airlines. Relatives visited on and off all summer and we got to know the lot.

You might think that these same people would also be our friends once we were all back in their country but if so, you’d be mistaken. There must be a rule that the locals are not supposed to fraternize with the expats. They would never return our calls or emails. Coworkers reported that though you might do business with the locals, they would never invite you over for dinner.[1]

Is there any evidence anywhere that Arab Muslims have any kind feelings toward any infidel? That they seek anything more than temporary advantage from their association with infidels or their presence in infidel lands?

From Mindinao in the Philippines; Xinjiang Province in China; southern Thailand; Aceh in Indonesia; Myanmar; Bangladesh; Pakistan; the Middle East; Kenya; France with its "Sensitive Urban Zones"; Sweden; Tower Hamlets in United Kingdom; to Dearborn, Michigan simple friendship and civilizational norms are treated with contempt and disgusting behavior. Throwing feces seems to be an accepted method of Muslim protest. Muslims everywhere in the West have perfected "fh$¢k you."

It never, ever ends and the anger of civilized people doesn't begin, except in places like Chechnya, Xinjiang and Myanmar where the correct understanding by civilized people of the true nature of Muslims obtains.

[1] Comment by George on "Syriasly." By James Howard Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation, 10/5/15.

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