Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tyranny of the neurotic.

Things that seemed the obsessions of the occasional lugubrious neurotic are so common that they represent a change in the national character. It is eerie. Something strange is happening.
"Wimp Nation: Poised to Fall." By Fred Reed, Fred on Everything, 10/23/15.

H/t: Remus.


Reg T said...

I _was_ going to say that Fred was being an alarmist. That the MSM embellish these stories and make a tiny minority of dysfunctional female "feminazis" appear to be a significantly large group, when they number mere thousands across the country. I don't know how many colleges and universities across the country have swallowed this tripe and subject their students to it, but again, we are talking thousands versus millions of "real" people who haven't succumbed to this Orwellian trash.

But then I realized, as Fred says, an entire generation or two is being forced into this mold via schools all across the country. From the zero tolerance "gum = gun" to the whole ridiculous gender issues on campuses, those kids from decent homes who know better get hammered down while those starry-eyed, susceptible (and often parent re-enforced) little girls and boys learn to share the same bathrooms (already the case in parts of Europe where you can be arrested for complaining about being forced to share a bathroom with the opposite sex).

Between perception that it is more wide-spread than it really is, to realizing the extent of programming taking place in many of our schools, it truly is frightening.

One proviso, though: Fred's dislike of Israel shines through with claiming anyone speaking ill of Israel would be fired. With the big push to boycott Israel, with the nasty bigotry taking place against Jews on college campuses, and the liberal love of the poor "Palestinians" (terrorists) over those greedy, land-grabbing Israelis, I hardly think saying something negative about Israel would be the issue Fred would like to believe it is.

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's hard to gauge the extent of this, given the willingness of the MSM to amplify every little boo hoo of the perennially bruised and tender soul. On a related topic, "comprehensive immigration reform" has long been the war cry of the sellout crowd in politics even though it's clear from major push back against attempts to impose amnesty that it's wildly unpopular. But if you listen to the MSM you'd think that CIR is holy writ from Maine to Mexifornia.

Still, this evil conditioning exists, but I think there's a more serious aspect to it. The illogic of various proposition, even if in the classroom, is easy enough to confront and debate and the good kids can and do do that. However, it's far from clear that the universities will punish students who resort to shouting down or physically attacking dissidents. The "university AntiFa" option for informal enforcement of the cultural Marxist agenda. Ditto re university "speech codes" that have little by way of supporting free speech and everything to do with limiting discussion of leftist holy writ.

I searched the memory banks for anything relating to Fred's dislike of Israel but don't recall anything. I personally resent the extent to which the Jewish lobby influences American politics so that we spend enormous amounts of money on a small state of limited strategic value to us, whose friendship is not always that crystal clear to me. The talk of "our allies" sometimes wears a little thin. However, I am glad to support fellow Westerners in any fight with Islam and, while I think it's laughable that Jews have any kind of a "right" to establish Israel because the Romans ejected them from there 2,000 years ago -- lots of people have lost their land in the past -- they have as much right to claim sovereignty there as the Zims have in Zimbabwe. Any Muslims who want Israel can go and take it the old fashioned way and if that's Job Number One for Muslims (after invading Europe, of course) well, more power to them. But, after all these years, they might could give some thought to growing cherry tomatoes or cleaning up the more barbaric aspects of Islam. Just a thought about how they could prioritize their lives. (Getting rid of polygamy might make a few more women available for those jihadis with time on their hands and building some universities come to mind as additional worthy goals but we both know that "rationality" and "Islam" are not words that one usually finds mentioned in the same sentence.

in that small area they serve as a kind of canary in the mine, injecting a smidgen of realism into the Western struggle with Islam. Too, I wish organized Jewry in the U.S. would support closed borders. What's sauce for the U.S. goose is most definitely not sauce for the Israeli gander.

That said, you're right that criticism of Israel would hardly make any leftist worthy of the name bat an eye.

I'm sure I can outrage someone else in this reply but I think I've done enough for one morning.