Monday, May 9, 2016

Altiero Spinelli and New Europe.

The name Altiero Spinelli is engraved in stone over an entrance to the European Parliament. Few know that he was an Italian communist for worked for the elimination of national borders in Europe and for direct voting for European Members of Parliament to ensure that mere national legislatures could and would be bypassed in favor of creation of E.U. law above national law.

In light of what you can see in this video, the extreme leftist origins of the E.U. will become clear, as will E.U. contempt for the will of the people.

The video is 31 minutes long but is worth your time:

H/t: Max Denken.


Pascal said...

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, falls into the "what's the use?" category for many reasons. For one thing, it would be much more useful as a printed essay with photos rather than as a video.

This could be read in under 10 minutes rather than enduring what is essentially a half hour of transcribed translations. Even in Polish text there are sites you and I frequent that would take it and provide us
excellent translations. ;)

But beyond that. This only tells us how it happened, not how to reverse it. I fear that will take Divine intervention and almost certainly it will happen cleanly. What's the use in knowing HOW it came about? And beyond that, 99% being told of it will relegate it all to conspiracy theorizing no matter the truth of the matter.

So it is nice to know. Thank you. But please tell me what's the use?

Pascal said...

Make that NOT cleanly.