Thursday, May 12, 2016

Quickies: Frontiers In Arrogance

     The number of persons who think that they have a right to whatever they decide to demand is simply staggering:

     Four women pilots who fly for Frontier want the airline to change policies on maternity leave and make it easier for new mothers to pump breast milk once they have returned to work....

     The women say Frontier fails to offer either paid maternity leave or job reassignment for pregnant pilots, and fails to provide a convenient, private place for pumping breast milk at work.

     Pilot is one of the highest paid occupations in these United States. It comes with a huge list of privileges and protections. Not enough for these women, apparently.

     Has it occurred to no one else that it’s employer’s right to define the job and the conditions in which the employee would work? That once the job is accepted upon adequate disclosure of those terms and conditions, the employee forfeits any right to complain about it? How long will it be before female coal miners demand that the mines incorporate special accommodations for pregnancy and breast feeding?

     Let us pass in silence from this particular grievance, before the image of a pilot, headset on, yoke in hand, blouse open and nipples firmly in the grasp of a breast pump should completely, sorry, I’ve waited too long.



Jeffersonian said...

Stories like these are quotidian now. I'm no more surprised by them than I would be if I jumped off a tall building and passed by the third's simply a predictable milestone on an inexorable trajectory to an unhappy end.

I trust you are well but despairing, my old friend, as am I. We descend father into madness each day. I fear we are living out Romans 1, having been given over to this path by virtue of our sin. I'll be lurking and commenting. I am interested in your thoughts on the passing scene.

Danne said...

Who flies Frontier anyway with their bait and switch extra-charges? Perhaps this is an attempt to attract the voyeur niche?