Monday, May 16, 2016

“Representation:” A Quickie Tirade

     I’m thoroughly sick of social justice warriors. I know, I know: I should tell you something you didn’t already know. All the same, that’s my current irritant. Lately, when it comes to entertainment of any sort, the merest dab of SJWism will make me explode in fury. My cardiologist, of course, disapproves.

     I happen to enjoy movies quite a lot. I own over 400 of them. And I don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but how diverting they are: how imaginative, exciting, and well made. But then, I’m not an SJW. I don’t see everything through the lens of “justice for historically oppressed peoples,” “cultural appropriation,” “minority representation,” or any of the rest of their rot. And may I say it once frankly at least:

Most “historically oppressed peoples” deserved exactly what they got.
Some deserved even worse.

     (By the way, have you noticed how little concern SJWs have for the very worst oppressed of all oppressed peoples – the Jews? There’s a moral in there, somewhere.)

     Anyway, read this for the latest episode in this unending horror feature.

     Ghost In The Shell is the absolute pinnacle of its art form. There’s nothing else in the anime oeuvre to compare with it, especially as regards graceful writing and philosophical depth. Masamune Shirow will be remembered for centuries for the story. The makers of the anime can be justly proud of the finished work. That Hollywood should choose to make a live-action version is merely additional praise of the original.

     So what is this SJW concerned about? That central character Motoko Kusanagi, a round-eyed, big-bosomed cyborg, will be played by round-eyed, big-bosomed Scarlett Johansson, one of the foremost female action stars of today. “Whitewashing!” “Racial exclusion!” “Cultural appropriation!” “Insert your preferred SJWism here!”

     These...persons deserve nothing but contempt. They’re the true bigots and squanderers of cultural treasures – all cultural treasures. That a brilliant piece of anime, known mainly to devotees of the art form, should be picked up by a major Hollywood studio and cast with a terrific, somatically perfect leading lady is an act of high praise...but no! “The character has a Japanese name!” Therefore, by SJW rules, she must be played by a Japanese actress. Failing that, at least one with an epicanthic fold.

     Anyone who grants these cretins the smallest sliver of time or shred of respect is doing a disservice to the entire human race. Yet they seem to be everywhere. Whatever fuels them seems to be inexhaustible. They’re determined to politicize, and thus spoil, every form of entertainment we enjoy. Can we at least deny them any of our time or energy?

     Or have I somehow stumbled into their web by even noticing their existence?

     I hope there’s some Maalox® left.


Unknown said...

Original Alka-Seltzer is the only OTC product that has ever worked for me... as for SJWs being fueled by: they would be powerless without the support of the MMMSM (malevolently motivated main stream media)... and the MMMSM are fueled by complacency of the general citizenship, and I'm sorry to say (in my humble opinion(read Jude)) Christians are included in that, and I am one of those... but God blesses me anyway... Rave on, Francis... you do good work

Unknown said...

...I meant to add, Is ScarJo round-eyed? I never noticed...

daniel_day said...

I'm afraid I disagree. Not about the loathsomeness of SJWs, but about the casting of an actress who usually plays blondes in a Japanese role. That's a step too far for me in suspension of disbelief.
Surely there are some shapely Japanese actresses who could have played the role. It strikes me as a failure of imagination on the part of the producer and director and a too-transparent stratagem to sell the movie. No sale to me.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Well, Dan, feel free to email the producers with your suggestions.

daniel_day said...

If that's intended as a mandate to find photos of shapely Japanese actresses, well, I, uh, I'll BRB!