Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Book Recommendation

     If you love a good horror story, or a good laugh at the Left’s expense, you simply have to read Hallow Mass:

     Even as I finished this wildly funny yet genuinely horrifying tribute to Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu Mythos” stories, I found myself wondering just what unholy influence had led author JP Mac to taunt the dread Old Ones in such a daring fashion. Their fell ire is not to be courted lightly. Lovecraft himself would tell you...had he not been swept up by Cthulhu’s claws some decades ago. Why, Yog-Sothoth alone, should he return, could decimate North America before lunch! Were the entire realm of R’lyeh to take umbrage at him, our intrepid author would be lucky to escape with his soul.

     Seriously, Gentle Reader, read this book. Just make sure to keep a loaded shotgun (12 gauge preferred), a crucifix (Jesus figure not optional), and a supply of holy water nearby at all times. Familiarity with Pirandello’s Aegis and Phandaal’s Excellent Prismatic Spray would be handy too.

     Highly recommended!


Anonymous said...

downloaded. Thanks Francis.

Backwoods Engineer said...

What in the world is "hilarious" about Lovecraft's stories or anything resembling them? I had to quit reading that stuff. I did not want that in my soul. Had to have some prayer after reading that evil stuff.

Francis W. Porretto said...

All I can say, Backwoods, is that I've seldom laughed quite this hard over a piece of fiction. This isn't Lovecraftian in style; it just borrows the Cthulhu mythos. But it's your five bucks.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this book. Thanks for the tip. I too laughed throughout the book at the snarky sarcastic dissing of the SJW Left. I thought they were accurately portrayed.