Friday, May 20, 2016

For Your Listening Pleasure

     The recent death of Prince has elicited a great deal of commentary about him and the many styles of music he went through over the breadth of his career. There’s no question he was comfortable with an unusually wide variety of musical families...but the following short video of a pre-concert preparation session really brings home how multitalented and versatile he was:

     I’ve heard “Summertime” done in many different styles, but the above is the first time I’ve heard it done as a tune-up exercise. And even so, it’s mesmerizing.

     R.I.P Prince Rogers Nelson.


HoundOfDoom said...

Great video showing Prince' mastery of his craft. Even more regretful now that I did not see him while he was alive. Having grown up with his music, I always liked him - he was a sex crazed little weasel - but so was I. And I did not appreciate the depth of his abilities until late last year, when I started hearing about the tour, now sadly cancelled, in 2016.

RIP Prince. Hope you're thrilling them in Heaven.

Linda Fox said...

Awe-inspiring! I always said that Prince was one of the few modern musicians that ranked in the genius category.