Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quickies: You Really Have To Wonder

     ...just what a “black activist” has to do to be expelled from a college campus today:

     Dartmouth’s Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Meg Ramsden, has been busy communicating to the school’s alumni to inform that the Black Lives Matter activists who, back in November, charged into a campus library chanting and yelling racial epithets won’t be subject to any punishment for their actions.

     “After concluding its investigation with respect to the complaints and studying what was seen in the video in Baker-Berry Library, it was determined there were no specific violations of the Standards of Conduct,” Ramsden writes.

     “In essence, no rules for which there are recorded and communicated sanctions were broken.”

     Here’s the original report:

     Dartmouth College students simply studying in the library on the night of Nov. 12 got the shock of their lives when a profanity-laced mob of Black Lives Matter student protesters stormed the building and dropped F-bombs left and right, as well as pushed and shoved some students, the Dartmouth Review reports.

     “F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” “F*** you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!” …

     The flood of demonstrators self-consciously overstepped every boundary, opening the doors of study spaces with students reviewing for exams. Those who tried to close their doors were harassed further. One student abandoned the study room and ran out of the library. The protesters followed her out of the library, shouting obscenities the whole way.

     Students who refused to listen to or join their outbursts were shouted down. “Stand the f*** up!” “You filthy racist white piece of s***!” Men and women alike were pushed and shoved by the group. “If we can’t have it, shut it down!” they cried. Another woman was pinned to a wall by protesters who unleashed their insults, shouting “filthy white b****!” in her face.

     Hmmm. To me the above sounds like massive disturbance of the peace on private property, plus multiple counts of assault and at least a few of battery. What if it had been white activists doing the very same thing? Do you think Mrs. Ramsden’s report would have been the same?

     “Black activists” are turning even the best-intentioned whites into racists. The comeuppance can’t be far off by now. “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” – and what a mighty blow it will be!


Tim Turner said...

Regarding this, and the gorilla story under it and so many others:

You *have* to feel guilty about this and everything else about your life. Otherwise, how could we justify taking half the fruits of your labor and giving it to someone else?

FrozenPatriot said...

When black people have had enough, neighborhoods burn.

When white people have had enough, continents burn.

Stop pushing, BLM. You won't be told twice.

Separately, and because the acronym is coincidental, the same holds true for the unconstitutional Bureau of Land Management. Those with reading and comprehension skills who have read Article 1, section 8, clause 17 and the 10th amendment are tiring of your antics.