Monday, May 23, 2016

Day Off

     I expect not to post anything substantial today, for several reasons:

  • I’m tired.
  • All the good stuff has been adequately covered by others.
  • I have several items of mundane work to do, and Mondays come “pre-ruined,” so why not?
  • There are unwatched movies and unplayed video games.
  • I’m really tired.

     Yes, all the above will probably still be true come Tuesday morning, but at least there might be some new news. Till then!


Unknown said...

You might think I can't comment on nuthin, however you would be in error.
If fact I got ten items to add to your list... (but I won't cause my wife says I whine a lot) You can have Tuesday off, too, if'n you want

Eskyman said...

Hey, Francis, I'm joining you in having a day off.

Been running myself ragged, and the results are: not much, but bigger bags under my eyes and a feeling of exhaustion.

So I made a great omelette to start the day, drank most of a pot of coffee, and now I'm gearing up to take a walk to the park, to um, smell the flowers (why no, I'd never even think of checking out the chicks, however could you think that?)

Hope you have a wonderful day off!