Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quickies: “Are you crazy? No one wants to deal with HR.”

     That's from this exceptionally important piece by David French:

     I recently spoke to a mid-level executive at a major corporation who had been forced to sit through mandatory “inclusivity” training. The topic was transgender rights, and the trainer proceeded to spout far-left ideology as fact, going so far as to label all who disagreed with the notion that a man can become a woman “transphobic.” I asked if anyone objected to any part of the training, and the response was immediate. “Are you crazy? No one wants to deal with HR.”

     French's article elucidates ordinary, decent Americans' loss of confidence in their own values -- which eventuates, in his words, in "the slow accumulation of individually defensible but collectively unjustifiable decisions not to resist."

     But how can a decision be deemed "individually defensible" yet "collectively unjustifiable?" Quite simply: Smith is principally concerned with the defense of his own interests and the protection of those he loves. His decision to "not make a fuss" might prove ideal for those purposes. However, if the majority of Smiths choose to "not make a fuss," the field has been yielded to those that are willing to "make a fuss:" the noisy, demanding minorities that gain social and legal sway through persistence and volume, in a perfect demonstration of the Public Choice effect.

     Please read it all, and keep it in mind for the next time you face the choice whether or not to resist.

UPDATE: For lagniappe:

Are we allowed to laugh at that today? Excuse me, Gentle Reader; my mascara's running.


Amy Bowersox said...

Oh heavens, I still laugh at the Lumberjack Song. We're not all humorless drones.

For another example, have a look at this. It's hilarious, and a friend of mine (also a transwoman) is actually trying to create a drag performance around the song.

FrozenPatriot said...

Can we start shooting yet? Or is trying to talk with these perverts and their government enablers still the preferred method of destroying our civilization?

Unknown said...

Yes we are allowed to laugh ...which is not necessarily open license to scoff, mock or maliciously misuse another person or ideology. As for making a "fuss" how can we be the salt as we were Commanded to be without testifying (which makes 'em mad as hornets)

Unknown said...

I meant to add a note about HR... If you take a stroll through the workplace and conference rooms (they are now places where you are ordered to gather to watch vignettes, describing how awful a certain ethnic group is, and how to take everything away from them) you will see that HR totally controls every commercial enterprise in the U.S. ...at least those with more than a handful of employees. Their goal is to change the way you think...