Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jeff Kuhner on the mafia state.

I'd never heard of Bill Kuhner who's a talk show host on Boston's WRKO-AM680. A commenter at Zero Hedge indicated he'd weighed in on Trump's raising the issue of the suspicious death of Vince Foster. I checked out the podcast in question and was most interested in all that he had to say. Kuhner bills himself as "Liberalism's Worst Nightmare" and lives up to that.

I'll not go into detail as the Clinton scandals are a bottomless pit. Nonetheless, Kuhner has a lot of common sense and has some interesting details to add to the Foster case of which I was unaware. And I say that as someone who avidly followed the Foster death and all the Clinton scandals at the time.

There's a lot of stuff out there competing for your attention but I recommend his May 24, 2016 show to you. I think it's a distillation of a lot of what gushes over us indicating that all is not well with the Republic. Just catch the first part of the show where he goes into detail on the real reason for Hillary's odiferous "speaking fees" and Canada's strange contributions thereto.

The most important lesson to be drawn from this presidential campaign is the extent to which it has now become clear that the Treason Class has been running the country into the ground with complete and utter indifference to the wishes and interests of We the People. Not for nothing does Kuhner refer to the U.S. as the mafia state and his callers get that.

May 24, show here: "Hillary's Other Scandal: Corporate America Owns her. 5/24/16."

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