Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Brilliant Capsule Analysis

     Savor this:

     Consider: First, the Democratic elite dutifully steered voters to Hillary Clinton, virtually clearing the field for her in the primaries despite what should have arguably been—in retrospect, at least—a disqualifying scandal. And then, after four years of electoral carnage and virtual decimation of the party outside its coastal urban precincts, the Democrats have re-installed a veteran San Francisco liberal as the face of their party’s congressional agenda. To the extent that the rank-and-file has rebelled, it has not been very successful.

     As we wrote the day after the election: “Donald Trump won the Republican nomination because the GOP elite’s control over their party was weak. But he won the presidency because the Democratic elite’s control over their party was strong”—so strong that it didn’t need to listen to heed the warning signs about its preferred nominee. Pelosi’s re-election suggests that even the 2016 disaster has not yet weakened the establishment’s iron grip over Democratic power centers.

     It cannot be said better than that.


Tim Turner said...

Sigh Yes it can be said better than that.

As you yourself have said, it happens every generation, it happens in every group that grows. The left's message does not grow old, it does not wither, it does not turn in and eat it's own tail.

The left abides.

Statism, the desire for a "big daddy" protector, will not go away. The left will even argue that God is the biggest daddy protector of them all - while shunning the interior messages.

Pelosi's re-election shows that the left knows where its message is. No retreat, no surrender. Hammer the message home. Life is not fair, and we can help.

Life isn't fair. People want help. And Pelosi and the left will keep telling generation after generation that "they" can help.

It's gonna take more than Trump to disabuse the children of tomorrow that someone else can "do" for you.

The sad thing is, we sorta reached a pinnacle here, somewhere in this past 150 years or so. But in another couple of hundred years, we'll be history - like Athens or Rome - and scholars will write about what went wrong and how we missed the point or had Caligula or bread and circuses or whatever they choose to pin the blame on. And THAT will be the reason mankind or civilization or the West stumbled and fell.

The answer is simpler than that. We want a dad to tell us right and wrong. And if we argue with that, we want an uncle or grandmother to love us, and when THAT isn't enough, we want a government that knows better than us to protect us from the enemies we weren't smart enough to perceive or brave enough to stand up to.

We never grow up until we have to.

Anonymous said...

Hm.. I'm not sure I'd say the dems had more control than the repubs. I would say the dems were more successfully corrupt and more brazen about it. Perhaps the repubs really are the milquetoasts they appear to be.