Friday, December 16, 2016


FWP: Did you ever wish you hadn’t noticed something?
CSO: Like what?

FWP: Well, just yesterday I noticed that “O Holy Night” goes perfectly well to a martial beat.
CSO: Huh? You’re not serious, are you?

FWP: It does! Listen: (demonstrates, with conductor’s arm motions)
CSO: No! Stop! (claps hands over ears)

FWP: You think that’s bad? I can’t flush it out of my head. In fact, it’s started me wondering what Christmas carols could be sung to the tune from “Green Acres.” Or maybe “Gilligan’s Island.”
CSO: You are living proof that there are things Man was not meant to know.

FWP: (sweetly) I thought you were Jewish?
CSO: Don’t make me hurt you, Fran.


Unknown said...

Ah, sweet mystery of life ...

Anonymous said...

Almost anything scans to "Gilligans Island", but for
a _special_ treat, consider that "Ave Maria" and
"Hava Nagela" both scan to each others' music.

Have a nice earworm.
John in Indy

daniel_day said...

You can fit part of Gilligan's Island into Bobby Goldsboro's "Honey".
See the tree, how big it's grown,
And the first mate and the skipper too, will do their best.

Not for long, but then, why would you want to?

Joseph said...

Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," "Oh My Darling Clementine," and the Marine-Corps Hymn can be sung to each other's tunes.

Roy said...

Gilligan's Island and Amazing Grace are perfectly interchangeable.

Anonymous said...

I might have missed something, but it occurs to me that most hymns can be seen as marches, it because they are marches. As in Marches for the Church Militant.
It is not particularly amazing that they share a certain "cadence" with (nearly all) battle music, but it IS one of those things "hidden in the open"...
In that same thought, proper Christmas Music is a Collection of Triumphant Marches, and for the same reason. Remember, The War is already won.