Thursday, December 8, 2016

Comedy In Service To Society

     I can’t praise the following Steven Crowder video highly enough:

     The one point he doesn’t cover is the absolute necessity of “owning” every pejorative word or phrase the Left uses in its attempts to silence us. This must start with the oldest (and for a long time, the most feared) of the pejoratives: “racist.”

     Quite recently I had a delightful conversation with a woman from my parish. The larger subject was money, but at one point she made an offhand comment about how she dislikes “racists.” I smiled and said “So why are you talking to me? I’m a racist.”

     Her jaw dropped precipitously. She peered at me as if I’d sprouted a second head while she was watching. As we were in a McDonald’s restaurant, there were others nearby. They reacted with equal incredulity. What did he just say? No one ever admits to such a thing!

     My companion said “But you’re—” She immediately clamped her lips together as if she were afraid that something might escape that she dared not release...though it’s equally possible that she feared that something might get in that she couldn’t abide.

     I nodded. “I’ve never harmed anyone on the grounds of his race. When I had hiring duties, I hired persons of all three recognized races, once I was satisfied they could do the job, and I was seldom wrong. But I recognize that statistically there are differences among the races. Otherwise, there’d be more white basketball players, more black concert violinists, and more Asian boxers. That seems to mean that I’m a racist. Being an honest person, I admit it – but I always add ‘So what?’”

     I wasn’t immediately struck by lightning.
     My money was still honored at the service counter.
     My coffee didn’t turn sulfurous and boil over the edge of the cup.

     Insert your favorite cliché about hearing the normally inaudible (e.g., pins dropping) here.

     After a moment, our conversation resumed as if I’d never spoken the incredible, and the other guests in the restaurant returned their attention to their own affairs.

     This is the rhetorical equivalent of plucking the weapon out of your adversary’s hand and breaking it with a smile and a snap of your fingers. It applies to every “ist” and “phobe” the Left ever hurls in its attempts to enforce the speech code called political correctness. I highly recommend it.

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Howard Nelson said...

You are, like all of us, a racialist. This is to say, a realist describing quantifiable differences among races. If you recognize quantifiable differences within a race, then you are also a scientist of a sort.