Thursday, December 1, 2016

The worship of theft.

When I lived in Seattle, I observed with dismay, British Columbia, becoming more socialist every year. I never really understood what it was with Canadians. Perhaps they were infected like many others with the idea that something for free was really FREE! That is the immorality of Socialist thought. The lie behind Socialist thought. Of course, it isn’t. Someone always pays.

The Socialist promise of FREE to be accepted requires one to relinquish rational thought to maintain a sense of being a moral person. In their mistaken understanding of what moral means, Socialists elevates theft to a moral imperative. . . .[1]

This brings to mind the trenchant observation that you can't persuade someone of something if his job depends on his believing the opposite. It's no wonder that millions embrace the untruths of socialism. Self interest clouds moral judgment.

[1] Comment by Homersays on "Time to Say Goodbye…" By Francis Marion, The Burning Platform, 11/30/16.

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