Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Little Late Afternoon Irony

     (Doesn't everyone need a little irony in his diet?)

     Kellyanne Conway is the first woman ever to manage a successful presidential campaign. Given that it was the campaign of the legendarily tough-to-manage Donald Trump, and that she needed to spar regularly with the honchos of two male-dominated industries – media and politics – that’s an achievement of note for a woman. But Mrs. Conway’s achievements don’t end there. She’s also a lawyer, a business owner, a mother of four, and possesses a seemingly inexhaustible cheerfulness.

     Not a bad candidate for a role model for young American women, eh? I’d certainly say so. All the same, I wouldn’t advise Mrs. Conway to hold her breath waiting for an endorsement from American feminists:

     But modern-day feminists are still wringing out their “I’m With Her” crying towels and snubbing Conway’s historic victory because, well, she’s a Republican.

     Without any sense of irony, they ignore the achievements of a self-made woman (Conway), while lamenting the loss of a candidate who earned fame and power largely because of her husband. If she were a Democrat, Conway would be the toast of women’s groups across the country, feted in the media, splashed across the pages of Vogue and Cosmo. She would be touted as a future candidate herself. Maybe even Lena Dunham would’ve thrown out a tweet or two after her Election Night shower-cry.

     But I suspect there’s even more to this than partisan politics. After all, you can’t accuse a man of misogyny—which literally means “hatred of women”—if he puts a female in charge of the riskiest, most important endeavor of his life. Trump can’t be a sexist pig who hates women if he fires two men and replaces them with a woman, right? Acknowledging, even celebrating, Conway’s success would undermine that entire plotline.

     The Federalist’s Julie Kelly has even more bad news for the feminist Left:

     Now that President-Elect Trump is appointing women to key posts such as UN Ambassador, Secretary of Education, and Deputy National Security Advisor, [feminists’] anger is rising rather than abating. If anything, this election has further revealed the hypocrisy of the left—particularly modern-day feminists—who despite all their talk of empowerment, are now exposed as a weak and whiny sisterhood of victims.

     No one likes to be revealed as a hypocrite. To be weak and whiny victimists as well? I’ll let you form your own conclusions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fran--I read your review of The Hidden Truth and realized what a long time it's been since I was in touch. Since early 2012, according to my records. I will send you an email.

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

The left has been hypocritical about 'women's rights' and 'equality' for at least the last 35-40 years. They are phrases, like many the left use, whose meaning for them is different than the actual meaning of the words. Pick any conservative woman, Sarah Palin, Margaret Thatcher, etc and the pattern becomes obvious. Only women on the left are 'acceptable' strong, equal women to the left. All others are Aunt Tomassina.