Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It Will Not Stop Part 3: The Revisionists


Stop! Stop! Danger Will Robinson!

     Just a friendly heads-up from your Curmudgeon: This piece will end with some highly impolite language. If it would bother you to read that, please stop here, before I get cranked up. If not, feel free to proceed, but be aware: my father was a Navy veteran. The proclivities have all “bred true.”

     And now, onward...

     The weapons remaining to the ideological Left aren’t many. As I’ve already noted, Leftists will make use of every tactic that still seems effective. They regard themselves as above all the conventional rules of behavior, to say nothing of the moral constraints written into our laws. Thus, nothing is beneath them.

     There is one tactic that’s so insidious, and so effective, that we must expect it to be deployed at once. Concerning the recent election, the Boston Herald’s Jaclyn Cashman sketches it out for us:

     Parents should be prepared to take a Sharpie to their kids’ social studies books if Democrats have their way in writing the chapter on why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

     She and Bill blame James Comey for relaunching an FBI investigation so close to the election. Democrats blame Russia for hacking the DNC and the massive data dumps.

     Democrats remain in total denial that they elevated a flawed, unlikable candidate who represented the same old same old. Hillary Clinton also used her role as secretary of state to benefit her family foundation and then deleted thousands of her emails to hide her tracks.

     President-elect Donald Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus said it best Sunday: “People didn’t like the product, that’s why Hillary Clinton lost.”

     Yet that salient point will likely be lost by the liberals who write the history books for our youngsters. Will they even include what WikiLeaks reported on how the Democratic National Committee was actively working to knock out Bernie Sanders to make way for Clinton — or how the media helped Clinton in debate prep? Or will they exclude those pesky details, as much of the mainstream press did, because they were “stolen” information?

     It really is that simple, Gentle Readers. They’ll simply teach the unsuspecting – and not merely the unsuspecting young – that the election was stolen from them. Just as they’ve taught that the United States is an imperialist, colonialist power bent on conquering the world for the Big Mac. Just as they’ve taught that the United States’ fabulous prosperity was a direct result of slavery. Just as they’ve taught that fascism is a “right-wing ideology” indistinguishable from Constitutional conservatism and classical liberalism.

     It’s been said at various times, mostly about the aftermath of a war, that “the victors write the history books.” These days, that’s no longer a sure thing.

     Perhaps the most important lesson the successful Trump for President campaign has for conservatives is to tell it like it is, without fear of offending the audience. That’s really all Trump ever did. I have no doubt that his personal inclinations were a part of that, but I have no greater doubt that in his circle of advisors there were at least some who counseled him to “moderation.” It’s to his credit that he managed to prevail over such well-meant advice.

     It’s time for us to take the same advice.

     An example: Parents have been bludgeoned into a terrible pattern: “Don’t undermine teacher’s authority.” How would parents do that? By contradicting what little Johnny was told in class, regardless of its provable falsity. The underlying rationale for that notion is that “teacher’s authority” is all that keeps the classroom orderly and the educational system functional. Inasmuch as the classroom is not orderly and the “educational system” is not functional – no, not even in your vaunted, indecently expensive “public” school – this is a lie from first to last. Yet we’ve been conditioned out of calling a lie a lie. It’s “impolite.”

     Similarly, conservatives have practiced extraordinary – and extraordinarily counterproductive – rhetorical restraint over the century behind us. We’ve continued to attribute benevolence to persons who plainly have none, especially toward us. People who’ve bragged about our marginalization or outright elimination. People who slaver over the fantasy of “re-educating” us all into proper little liberal-socialist maxim spouters. And we’ve paid a terrible price in lost liberty, reduced prosperity, and eroded security.

     It’s time to correct both the assumption and the restraint it mandates.

     An exchange between a left-liberal and a conservative has typically run something like this:

     Left-liberal: This country is built on slavery, sweat shops, and the exploitation of the worker.
     Conservative: Well, slavery was wrong, and I’ll be the first to admit that America isn’t perfect, but...

     The above is a perfect example of what conservatives must not do any longer. (Actually, we should never have done it.) The left-liberal has rewritten the history of the United States to suit his Marxist assumptions. He must be called on it, not permitted to go unchallenged.

     P. J. “Bill” Plauger, one of the founders of Whitesmiths’, Inc., once wrote a short story titled “Child Of All Ages” about a prepubescent girl who possessed the secret of immortality. It opens with a confrontation between an “educator” of sorts and his protagonist. The “educator” is remonstrating with the girl over having contradicted her history teacher. The history teacher had spouted the “exploitation of the worker” bilge above about Nineteenth Century industrialization. The girl’s riposte, which is factually accurate, is that those “workers” had fled their rural roots for jobs in the industrializing cities because the conditions in the factories were better than on the farms.

     But of course, for a prepubescent girl to say that to a forty-year-old “educator” is unacceptable, the sheerest lese majeste. Nor would we expect our children to do so in an open classroom. However, we must do it – and immediately upon confronting the lie:

     Left-liberal: This country is built on slavery, sweat shops, and the exploitation of the worker.
     Conservative: (roars) You lying sack of shit. You feculent pustule on the ass of Mankind. You’ve just deliberately slandered this country and the men who bequeathed it to us, men whose asses you aren’t even worthy to kiss, and I will not have it!

     Does that seem a bit angry? Perhaps a violation of the canons of polite discourse? It’s necessary. The Left must not be permitted to revise the history of the United States, the crowning glory of Mankind responsible for whatever freedom and justice remains in this world. The only way to make it stop is to make it so painful that they won’t dare to try it again.

     We must disinhibit ourselves against such behavior. There’s no other way to fight an enemy that acknowledges neither moral nor ethical constraints, an enemy that lies whenever it would be “good for the narrative” and is entirely willing to vilify and demonize us for daring to oppose it.

     Moreover, we must do so immediately, upon the first indications that the left-liberal intends to embark upon a revisionist course:

     Left-liberal: Well, things aren’t exactly ideal in Cuba, but—
     Conservative: (roars) Stop right there! Don’t you dare spout that horseshit about “universal literacy” and “free health care.” I won’t have any of your anti-capitalist lies, you fucking socialist scumbag.
     It must be rude.
     It must inflict emotional pain.
     And it must be imposed at every relevant encounter.

     This is a significant departure for me. I’ve always advocated treating your enemy as you would prefer that he treat you. That’s no longer a viable course. It’s already cost us 90% of our freedom and God alone knows how much prosperity and security. Moreover, the left-liberal, who’s really a socialist wolf underneath the sheep’s clothing, is eager to finish the job – i.e., to enslave the productive classes for his benefit and deny them all possibility of escaping his yoke. The Left knows no bounds. It wants everything for itself, via the offices of the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent State, of course.

     It will not stop. Remember your Lewis Carroll: What I tell you three times is true. Ponder and act accordingly.


brinster said...

Francis, your "It Will Not Stop" mini-series should be preserved, printed and distributed. I might even do that myself.
It's long past the time for pushback.
Oh, and I'm a fucking Navy veteran myself.

Anonymous said...

“Don’t undermine teacher’s authority.” WRONG!! In my children's lives until they are 18 my wife and I are the ultimate authority. The teacher best be teaching truth because I am not the least bit afraid of telling the truth and fighting them on this to the very end. However, since our children attend Catholic school we don't run into too much of this left wing BS.

Rude? So? Man up and deal with it or melt away like the 'special snowflake' you are. Just how many vile labels have been placed upon us? As the old saying goes, beware the anger of the patient man.

Anonymous said...

The same approach should be used for every subject matter, such as people claiming the constitution organizes political behavior other than it does, or claiming the creator of the universe prefers this human behavior or that. They should receive an immediate contradiction by facts. If the person disproved responds with alarm, speaking slowly and hesitatingly as they think things through, then they were merely mistaken. Whereas, if the person disproved responds quickly and confidently with doublethink which merely shifts the argument's flaw to a different spot, we know they're LYING, telling a deliberate untruth for undeserved gain.

Evil is deliberately, consciously, choosing not to learn from experience.

Tim Turner said...

Thanks for the reference to Plauger's, "Child Of All Ages," Fran. I'd not heard of it, but found it online and enjoyed it.

I'm guilty of reading the same six to twelve political websites everyday. Fortunately, the writers at those sites are (for the most part) very well-read themselves and frequently reference or link to other writers and subjects.

Thanks to you and these other writers I've gained access to a vast array of interesting and informative material.

After all these years, yours is still the first site I visit every day, Fran.

Tom Wolff said...

Mr. Poretto,
At this juncture, forceful and colorful invective is preferable to my gut instinct, which is to carry and draw a katana at every opportunity, and artfully manipulate it to land their little regressive heads in their laps, with their shocked visages frozen upon their petulant little faces displayed for an enjoyable eternity.

On another note, I picked up your five-book Realms of Essence series, and am finding it hard to pry myself away from it. Great writing, sir.
Thank you.