Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fun With Gab.Ai

     http://Gab.Ai is rapidly proving itself a superior alternative to Twitter – and not merely for its no-censorship policy, though that’s obviously quite important to conservatives whom Twitter has deliberately silenced. However, I’ve been waiting for a few left-of-center contributors. Wondering where they’ve been, really. An open forum should attract participants from every corner of the ideological spectrum, and until this very morning that wasn’t the case.

     Here’s the first emission from the first admitted left-liberal to come to my attention:

     Little Ball Of Liberal Hate: New to Gab. Are angry liberals welcome here? I'll be respectful and try not get personal but heard you all are just trump lovers. Any liberals out there?

     I couldn’t resist replying:

     Francis W. Porretto: What are you angry about? Please be specific and provide evidence (or links to it) for any allegations of wrongdoing. I'll listen, though I don't promise to agree.

     To which she replied:

     Little Ball Of Liberal Hate: Don't worry got lots to be angry about. We can start with Hillary getting popular vote but losing election. Sounds fair to me :-%

     I shrugged and replied as follows:

     Francis W. Porretto: I trust you're familiar with the applicable Constitutional provisions. Hillary was. It sounds to me as if your ire should be directed at her, for failing to run an effective campaign.

     And now...(crickets chirping)...

     (And yes, “Little Ball Of Liberal Hate” is how she chose to style herself. For the life of me I can’t imagine why so few liberals use their real names. What are they afraid of?)


Robert Pearson said...

I note that I hadn't followed you yet on Gab, that's now been corrected.

Anonymous said...

Oh Francis! You stymied the little imp with a FACT. You do realize, don't you, that facts invalidate safe spaces and are considered 'hate speech' or 'fake news' by such as your new acquaintance?