Friday, December 2, 2016

A different breed of cat.

It never ceases to fascinate me why our Western elites have broken loose from any moorings that pass for common sense. Reading articles on the web and the many intelligent comments, I see that many other people struggle to deal with families divided along ideological lines. I even have a dear friend who said a couple of years ago that the reason why Obama's not been as successful as he could be is because he's "too conservative." Quote unquote. He's hardly a ruling class moron and is simply a great guy but where is there common ground on the subject of politics?

Francis Marion wrote a great article at The Burning Platform from which the excerpt below is taken. It just struck me as a particularly insightful look at what a huge gulf there is between normal people and the people who inhabit our supposed cultural and political centers. When you talk yourself blue in the face trying to reason with leftists, this article should be kept in mind. The people who inhabit the urban centers of our land are batting for a different team indeed, and I don't mean in the usual sense of that witticism:

This is a pattern that has been repeating itself with more and more frequency all cross the western world over a period of decades. The liberals and the elites that grow up around these patterns of ‘decadence and dependency’ are a different breed than those of use from the conservative and normally productive heartlands of our nations. Indeed, I wonder, what do people like this, a product of liberal moral nihilism living in a densely populated urban enclave have in common with the rest of us these days? And they have the nerve to call those of us in flyover country “deplorable”?

Now that’s not to say that there aren’t exceptions to all these patterns, of course there are, but as a rule of thumb the trend has been one of division and distancing ourselves from one another along the lines of both philosophy and geography for at least the last 50 years or more. The last two elections, both south and north of the 49th parallel, prove it.

The photos at the page linked to under the phrase "people like this" above show people with whom I have nothing in common. They show something that's a lot like a get together of Mia Farrow's neighbors in the movie "Rosemary's Baby." The people recently revealed to be aficionados of "spirit cooking" are in the same class. Unmoored and twisted people. And they vote Democrat.

Where is the common ground?

"[1] Time to Say Goodbye…" By Francis Marion, The Burning Platform, 11/30/16.


Anonymous said...

As with islam there can be no common ground. The left has determined and truly believes there are 'deplorables' and that 'fly over country' is exactly that. As I read in a book sometime ago, beware of zealots of any stripe. The left are zealots and do Olympic gold medal worthy mental gymnastics to make reality fit their preconceived notions. Until they are ready to deal in reality there can be no conversation. Atlas Shrugged illustrated this perfectly.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Pride is the deadliest of sins. Humans have a fatal characteristic, which is to embrace any shallow thought that wanders into their minds. No further effort required.

I love the Yiddish expression, "Tell a fool to close a window and he'll close them all over town." So with socialism. Let's have a "fairer" distribution of worldly goods. Yay. Oops. Looks like we need a vigilant secret police apparatus to punish beastly dissenters from such a fine idea. What could go wrong?

It's certainly helpful to examine political and social realities but the problems we can see are not the totality of our earthly experience. Again, pride says ditch it all and put in place something that would make a sophomore dorm discussion group giddy with enthusiasm. Why did no one every before think of such a solution?!