Saturday, December 10, 2016

Your Morning Outrage

     Keeping the public eye upon the actual deeds and motivations of the Left is a priority. When the masks come off their various “causes” and “movements,” a great deal is revealed that Leftists would prefer we didn’t see. When their behavior is public, or their words appear in a public forum, they have no one but themselves to blame for it. They screech about it anyway, of course.

     Today we have a rather revealing graphic, produced by the Seattle chapter of a Leftist “anti-fascist” movement that’s usually known by the moniker AntiFa:

     Like that? It appears that these “anti-fascists” want to exterminate the white race. That seems...almost...racist.

     Now find someone whose politics are left-of-center – someone who regards the success of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as a disaster for Mankind humanity hupersonity huperoffspringinity – and see if you can get him to condemn the sentiments in that poster. I’d bet that if he does – against the odds, but it’s possible – he’ll strive with all his might to claim that it’s a “false flag,” that “progressives aren’t really like that.” No bad people on the Left, don’t y’know. They’re all about love and tolerance and Skittles®-farting unicorns.

     Fascist behavior from “anti-fascists.” Racially bigoted behavior from persons whose favorite term of condemnation for conservatives is “racist.” George Orwell, call your office! But it’s symptomatic of the Left’s emotional foundation, which is hatred. What it cannot control, it strains to destroy. That’s been the methodology of totalitarians throughout recorded history.

     Just a little something to jump-start your glands on a frosty Saturday morning.


Ominous Cowherd said...

If it's not a false flag, it should be. I can't think oof a better way to awaken the indoctrinated than to show them this. You obviously agree, because you're showing it ... true or not, it's ``truthy.''

Liberalism is suicide for whites, and opportunism for others.

Wraith said...

I'm White as the day is long. My wife is Lakota and Cheyenne(for the historically-ignorant, her people did Custer at Little Big Horn. Not folks you want to mess with).

So, our marriage 'will not be tolerated?' We've been 'warned?' Well, given that she's a better shot than I am, and we have so many firearms that there's at least one actually lost in our house, and we've both been through stuff that would make your average SJW crap themselves to death through sheer terror, all I can say is:

Oh, dear, we're SO SCARED. Please don't hurt us or anything!


Kye said...

My experience with leftists is that they are the most intolerant racists alive. I'm married to a Korean, best fried is black and you have no idea how many people have called me a "racist" once they heard I'm a conservative. To them it's completely okay to hate as long as it's a straight, white Christian, Republican conservative. So I'm always #1 on the hit list.

toadbile said...

nothing on the emerald city anti-fa site like this now, nor on their facebook as far back as October. I have heard them speak this way on twitter and such, but i'd really need at least a photograph with context, showing it posted in a public place. Truthy, certainly, but i gotta have more before i will share it.

Differ said...

If they'd spelled propagation correctly I might give more credence to the false flag claim.

Anonymous said...

I trust the SPLC will soon have this organization listed as a 'hate group'. Hopefully listed ahead of the Fatima League.

Anonymous said...

AntiFA is a strong ally of SPLC and other genocidal bastards. Conceal carry with enough capacity in the first magazine. It's legal and easy in WA State, if you are not a "prohibited person".