Thursday, September 14, 2017

A biblical plague.

Engineered, celebrated, and defended by every Western European leader with honorable exceptions that wouldn't fill a Greyhound bus:

Merkel by a landslide on September 24!

Do your sacred duty German voters. Vote for the traitors. Help solidify the utter degradation of the lands of your ancestors. Grovel before the leftist enemy, the destroyers.


KG said...

So sad, isn't it?
By the time these idiots wake up from their social media dreamworld, they'll have lost everything that makes civilization worth preserving. And they'll have enabled the rest of the West.
May they rot in hell, every last mealy-mouthed cowardly one of them.

MMinWA said...

Well that sure got my day off on the wrong fucking foot-makes me sick especially after waking up to read Trump has apparently decided to blow up his base. Lordie.

Col. B. Bunny said...

KG, it's unbearably sad. Me earlier post about the planes diverted to Gander was very emotional to me. Seeing how a functioning white culture operates without the diversity saying "boo" to drag it down. Fast forward to today and you have the Neuterati, too scared of their shadow to stand up for anything that's dear to them. Maybe what we have isn't dear to them, though they'll dearly miss what we have when it goes down the pan.

MMinLamesa, sorry to harsh your mellow in any way. I've gotten so that I can barely tolerated even short exposure to even Fox News. It's all I can do to listen patiently as my girlfriend relates some new cultural stupidity. I can't stand listening to such stories.

Yes, Trump intends to sell us out. I just got an email from Trump/RNC saying "liberals in Congress and the mainstream media need one more reminder that building the wall is non-negotiable." I want HIM to make that clear. Why do I need to sign a bleeping petition to do what Trump himself can do?

Andy Texan said...

If Trump signs on to a 'Christmas tree' amnesty bill in exchange for some 'future' immigration control then I will entirely tune out the whole lot of them and will fail to vote correctly in 2018 and beyond. If the rats get their impeachment bill passed, I will have ceased to care.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I couldn't agree more. Pat Buchanan refers to this as Trump's "read my lips" moment. Popular input is attenuated at the best of times but when a politicians pinky swears to do or not do something it irritates the voters.

I don't expect my reps to lie awake at night thinking about what might or might not irritate me but I do expect them to DO THEIR JOBS. That's the essence of Francis's anarcho-tyranny. It's the rare politician who does. Sheriff Arpaio being one who does. Ditto Judge Roy Moore. In contrast, just about every politician in the U.S. and Europe is fanatical about NOT defending their nations' borders. That's their basic job. Their most sacred obligation. But all you see from them is either "ho hum" or some unbelievable garbage such as from that swine Frans Timmermans or from Sarkozy and his duty (sic) to engage in metissage.