Friday, September 29, 2017

The Last Time America Got Tired of Protests

An analysis of neighborhood racial composition in Houston. What I see in it - those neighborhoods that are majority Black are often overwhelmingly Black - 90% or more. So, for many of those living in not-diverse neighborhoods, their only exposure to Non-Black people is the media.

And, we all know how unbiased and fair they are.

For many Black people, White people are nearly an alien species - whose customs, habits, and lives are virtually unknown. For them, the only exposure to Whites is the Smarmy Liberal or the White Power Racist.

Neither convey the essence of reality.

Added to that, PC has made authentic expression of thinking unacceptable. So, Whites generally keep their mouths shut in public.

And, act in private - to remove themselves from the conflict.

In many large cities, when the crime, urban decay, mismanagement of the city, and poor schools reached a certain level, White people left. Except for a few places (Southie, Boston), they didn't go to the streets in protest. They just left.

And did not return.

Their kids might; some of them tried moving into the city, both to save on housing costs and reduce commutes. Until they were vilified for Gentrification - the link leads to multiple articles about the protests.

Some tried to improve schools, setting up parallel systems of charter schools. That didn't go so well, although it's clear that support for charters cuts across racial lines. Betsy Devos has been targeted for her support of charters.

Crime actually went down under Republican mayors - Guilani (whose performance is not without some questions) and Bloomberg (who actually saw crime plunge to 1950s levels), among others. But, the improvements seemed to drive protesters to even more extreme actions.

Withdrawal seems to be the default for many White families. They will vocally support diversity, they will put all the right words in their mouths, but - when it comes to actually LIVING among the Diverse...


After years of working to bring urban areas back, the protests are - once again - raising fears for personal safety. This might very well cause Whites to withdraw, for good.

Who are those Whites who live in Lily-White communities? Not who you might expect - this guy calls some of them out, by name.

This writer gets at the core of many White Liberals, who mouth all the right words, but don't live in ways that are congruent.

Where the Liberals Live.

Where the Conservatives Live.

In BOTH cases, many live in heavily monoracial neighborhoods.


Unknown said...

Perhaps. But I think we would all be happier if we would all just work on our books more and blog less about the inevitable dynamics that are at work in our culture. I think God has a plan; so far his use of our President has meaningful results that are simply snowing the leftists who cannot imagine the world with God in it. Linda, when you finish your current book, please reserve me a copy and maybe I can talk Francis into saving me a copy if his. Colonel, are you working on anything on the fiction table? Whatever, I got a few bucks eating a hole in my pocket and have some abundant reading time coming up. God bless you all, and keep your typing fingers limber.

sykes.1 said...

When I was in high school and college in the 60's, I lived in Dorchester, MA, which abuts Irish Southie and black Roxbury. During that time, my neighborhood underwent a forcible negrification, including aggressive block busting, and I got first hand experience of the black underclass. Besides the stupidity, violence, indolence and criminality, one of the most obvious characteristics of the black underclass is their seething hatred of all whites, especially Jews. Even upper class blacks like Obama dislike whites and Jews, and his mask dropped every time there was an instance of some sort of police/black encounter. We are simply two incompatible peoples, and the best that can be hoped for is to minimize black/white interactions by segregation.

Linda Fox said...

I agree, Jack, that God has a plan. However, I find myself fussing around, trying to neaten up the place, while waiting for him to make it known

I will say that this year, from Inauguration Day to now, has been the LEAST stressful in years. No more waiting for another State Dept. disaster, no more cringing at the sneering hostility displayed by our President to White people. Just a generally calm, confident ability to ignore the news, because, while I didn't like everything that President Trump does, I was sure that he wouldn't make things worse.

A grown-up was in charge.