Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Round-up

Open comments - add your 2 cents, or even more.

I wanted to cross-post a few things:

They're Starting to Talk About Civil War - is it likely?

My ancestors fought in the previous one. The aftermath did not bring us together. Neither did the end of Reconstruction. Are the divisions too deep for one country to continue?

Are you thinking about seeing Tom Cruise's new movie? I hear that it's exciting, but - don't look for historical honesty in it.

Amazingly, the fact that the director's father, Arthur Liman, was one of the prosecutors in the Iran-Contra Affair, has been used to suggest that the director, Doug Liman, was somehow privy to all sorts of 'knowledge' that has mysteriously been kept secret, but he is now revealing in this movie.


Go, if you want entertainment, but don't use this as your historical background. The same was true for JFK (which - full disclosure - I enjoyed). Films have been used since Birth of a Nation (the original) to push a political viewpoint.

I've been working to find some calm in my life. For me, a major part of that is to disconnect from MSM. I've been spending too much time over the last few months catching up on news, politics, and frivolous idiocy.

I think it's time to check out. I'm going to check in on ONE site daily for news. Otherwise, I'm going to mind my own business. If a topic hits the level where I feel compelled to comment on it, I'll scour the Internet for that information. Otherwise, I have a book to complete.

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Unknown said...

Civil war? Perhaps, however I pray that things don't get to the violent levels of an actual war. I do fear however unless we change the total leadership in Washington D.C. a war is possible. President Trump and his supporters MUST drain that disgusting swamp and make sure leaders with values and backbone are elected. McCain, Ryan, Rubio etc need to go for the good of the country. Most liberal Democrats need to be tar and feathered and replaced with common sense representation that does what America needs not what lobbyists want.