Friday, September 15, 2017

Whine! Whine! Wine!!!!

I just looked at the Youtube video of HRC being interviewed by Jane Pauley. It was filled with evasions, half-truths and NOT-truths (what average people call lies). And, most memorably, it showed that AWFUL moment when Trump scowled and stalked HRC.

Except, he apparently DIDN'T. The footage in the video shows HILLARY moving around the stage, initiating motion into Trump's space.

I'm getting to be exhausted. Every time the opposition makes a claim, it's debunked.

And, then, they repeat it. Louder. Same response from us.

And, then, they repeat it, adding ridicule for our "stupid - if not evil - mischaracterization of the Sainted Democratic/Progressive Icons".

On, and on. Every time a lie is unmasked, some chucklehead jumps in to insist that - No, the one that proves that lie is the one that is lying. And, neener-neener. H8r/Racist/Fascist/WhateverSlurIsFashionable.

Over and over. Every time we prove a lie, another one gets recycled from the Trash Heap.

Over and over.

Lord, I am so tired.

Sometimes, I just feel like giving up - I am feeling like the coalition fighting the forces of Sauron. The battle has been long, killed off many good people, and savagely tortured and crippled many more.

I look for reinforcement, and see nothing. The ship that I have been hoping for - the one that will relieve my faltering troops - arrives, empty of relief. The would-be king and his close friends arrive, but they carry no more men.

Then, emerging from the ship, I see the Unseen and Long-Dead, coming to join the battle.

We may only be Hobbits and weak and weary ones, at that, but - we have The King, and the people he leads, on our side.


Kurt said...

I always remember the Lord's words to Elijah in I Kings 19:9-18. The prophet was complaining about how the wicked queen Jezebel was trying to kill him and that he, Elijah, was the only one serving the Lord in all of Israel. The Lord told him to get back in the fight but ended the conversation with 'But I have reserved 7000 men in Israel who have not bowed the knee to Baal...'

Be encouraged, brother. He does not ask us to win, He asks us to fight. And we never, ever fight this battle alone. Thank you for your work on His behalf, for Him, for our country and for Western civilization.

James said...

Never ever give up. 90% of the satisfaction is the fight itself.