Monday, September 25, 2017

Miscellaneous Round-up

I've been accumulating some links that I wanted to pass on:

[NOTE: the first link was wrong - I corrected it]
  • For the numerically-minded - or, NOT for the SJW. A very nice explanation of why the polls are at such variance with reality.
  • Warning - strong language. How to bring down the Left. Crudely put, but a lot of truth in this.
  •  What REAL courage looks like - NOT that he supports America, but that he showed willingness to buck The Majority Wisdom (Trademark Pending, assuming that those SJW jerks can get of their oversized butts to do it). I no longer watch football (not that I ever did all that much), but - so are a growing number of football nuts (otherwise known as my family).
  • An Oldie, but a Goodie.
  • And on a Lighter Note: Ooooh, the Burn is BAD! BAKING BAD!
Just found this link to the ONE player who bucked the conformity.

The coach on that player's action:
When asked by a reporter about Villanueva coming out for the anthem, Tomlin said, “Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.”
 The protesters are having a difficult time getting the photo op parameters working:

  • Kapernick tried sitting, at first. But, that was so obviously disrespectful, that he went to the NEXT tactic
  • Kneeling. However, some (myself and a few others) pointed out that he was USING a quasi-religious position for his own disrespectful ends.
  • Now, many teams have gone for Solidarity-type poses - and, POSES they are. Standing players putting their hands on kneeling teammates' shoulders, arms linked - they are varied, but depend on coercing others to join in as 'semi-allied' allies.
  • The Steelers were in a tough place. Pittsburgh may have changed since I lived there, but still remains hard-core AMERICAN. So, they hoped to bypass that by remaining in the tunnel. Oh, drat! ONE player decided to use HIS 1st Amendment rights to show support for America. The coach was NOT pleased, as this puts the rest of the team in the spotlight, by their absence.
This is gonna be interesting. I make a suggestion below:

I also made another comment about MLB, and who it wouldn't spread to that league.


daniel_day said...

Your first link above goes to the wrong RAU post.

Linda Fox said...

Thank you - I'll check it.

Mark said...

If this kneeling crap spreads to baseball, MLB can no longer state that baseball is America's pastime.

Baseball should be hearing the whispers -- nay, shouts -- from the cornfields, "If you kneel, they will go."