Thursday, September 7, 2017

Quickies: We Need Ornerier Americans

     A Nod to the Gods currently has the following image on display:

     While I cannot argue with Smith’s sentiments, I would have provided the Dishonorable Charles Schumer with a somewhat different answer:

     “Why? I’ll happily tell you why, Senator. In fact, I’ll be pleased to ram it right down your throat. I need a thirty-round magazine because of you and vermin like you: rights-destroying totalitarians who think yourselves above the laws of God, to say nothing of the Constitution. Because there will soon come a time when decent Americans decide that enough is enough –that you will never be satisfied no matter how much of our freedom you destroy or our wealth you steal, and that you must be put down like the tyrants you are. And on that day I hope it’s my personal privilege to treat you to the justice you so plainly deserve. If your Myrmidons should manage to rob me of my life after I’ve ended yours, I mean to take a goodly number of them with me. That, Senator, is why I need a thirty-round magazine. And may I be dead and in hell before you or any of your smarmy colleagues manage to silence me.”

     To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever dared to whack Schumer across the chops quite that blatantly – which to me says that our Ornery Quotient (OQ) has fallen below the level required for truly vigilant and effective guardianship of our rights.

     A higher OQ might have prevented many of the governmental excesses of the century behind us. We might not have bowed to the destruction of the dollar, to the income tax, to FDR’s Hitlerian New Deal, to never to be adequately damned LBJ’s Great Society, or to that vicious poseur Barack Hussein Obama’s Orwellian “Affordable Care Act.” But what’s past is past. What remains are a precious few willing to hurl defiance at those who seek to make us into serfs...and thirty-round magazines for our rifles.

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