Friday, September 15, 2017

Painful To Read, Worrisome To Contemplate

     The following was sent to me by long time reader Mark:

     I thought this topic might make for decent grist for the Mill at Liberty's Torch. And if not, I will at least feel a bit better venting to someone who will completely understand.

     Normally, I would write some facebook commentary or blog post about it, but since the subjects are my daughter and her friends, prudence suggest otherwise.

     My daughter (and granddaughter) live in St. Petersburg FL. Much to my dismay, she (and her now ex) have turned every bit as leftist as that Fred guy you encountered on one of my earlier posts). She and her circle of friends have a haughty idea that they are "educated" because they went to college, whereas those who did not (e.g., the Trump voters) were "uneducated." (I must be somewhat of an anomaly to them since I have 4 years of undergrad and 2 years of grads school in physics and meteorology.)

     Thus, it seems strange that the supposedly "compassionate" liberal guy my daughter married abandoned her a few months ago for some bimbo (and the heartless conservative guy -- me -- was there to help pick up the pieces). Even worse, the now-ex couldn't and/or wouldn't help my daughter prepare the house (which is also HIS daughter's home) for the upcoming hurricane -- instead choosing to leave town with his new girlfriend.

     What is even more disturbing is that these supposedly educated intellectuals had neither the skills nor tools to properly board up the house (heck, some of them can't even change a light bulb).

     Thus, my daughter's home is now dead-center of the bulls-eye of Hurricane Irma -- with almost no protection. I very nearly loaded up my truck with tools and supplies, but being the better part of a full day's drive (not to mention pushing 60 years old), I would have gotten there by in time to have to evacuate. (Fortunately, she left town and is staying with some trusted friends inland.)

     I fully expect it to be a sorry mess when she's able to return. I'll have time to get down there afterward and help clean up/repair/rebuild (again, the supposedly heartless conservative guy coming to the rescue) -- already packing up tools, generators, etc. for a potential trip down.

     None of her friends offered to help -- or even could help, since they all lack the tools and skills needed for even such basic efforts as boarding up windows. Yet they look down their noses at "uneducated" types who didn't go to college.

     Sorry for the rant, but I am extremely irritated (on top of worried) about this topic.

     Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

     Happily, most persons politically left of center are still no worse than middling decent; few are utterly venal or vicious. However, the proliferation of practical incapacity among left-liberals is somewhat alarming. Were they to attain majority status, would they seek to reduce those of us who remain able to “do stuff” to some modern form of serfdom, in the name of the “public good?” Mark’s plaint plus others of similar color that I’ve read and received suggest that this might well be the case. When he was prime minister of Great Britain, Clement Attlee attempted something like that with approximate majority approval.

     Maybe you already had enough to worry you, but Mark’s supply simply required a matching demand. Say’s Law, don’t y’know.


Manu said...

I can vouch for this. Only one of my friends who is left-of-center could even board up his house on his own. The remainder were panicking, evacuating, screaming... whatever.

Suddenly I, the 'uneducated' troglodyte was the first on everyone's speed dial. "What do we do? Where do we go? What do we need?"

Never mind that by the time they thought to call me, the stores were sold out of everything and there wasn't much I could do to help them anyway.

Hell, I covered my last windows with the table top from my wooden lawn furniture, because I ran short on plywood.

Us folks on the Right are superfluous, backward, uneducated dinosaurs to them. Until we aren't. Until a disaster comes, or a war happens, or a terror attack - whatever. Then suddenly we must come and save them from their own mistakes. And brother, I'm getting tired of it. Next time lefties who, in all probability, call be a racist behind my back dial me up to come save them, I'm not even going to pick up the phone.

Pardon my French, sir... but fuck 'em.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Your French is no worse than my Belgian, Dys. And for my money, anyone who'd call you "uneducated" needs to have the pretensions beaten out of him with a copy of Atlas Shrugged. A hardcover copy.

KG said...

As long as we continue to rescue/aid/bail out these idiots, they will not evolve.
Don't do it.

BB-Idaho said...

I'm too old to matter anymore, but still have opinions. I agree that
'labeling' according to political beliefs is meaningless. However,
the world of instant communication, usually anonymous, has led to
broad ad hominem argument. Which according to the laws of logic is
a fallacy. I consider myself liberal, but have been labeled libtard, commie, uninformed and traitor. And in return, I have labeled decent people Neanderthal, wingbat and troglodyte. In hindsight, they and I were wrong of course. Such tags are superfluous and unfortunately lead to more divisiveness rather than understanding. As regards 'uneducated', in my career as an explosives chemist and manager, the people most deserving of respect
and admiration were maintenance crews; not much college type education, but an ability to quickly and efficiently isolate a problem and fix it. I once had an atomic absorption spectrophotometer
go bad, the high priced service engineer only made it worse and it
was repaired by a maintenance man from in-house. We all have value
and I agree it should be recognized and valued..regardless of who
thinks what about politics. Just saying...