Monday, September 11, 2017

HEB - An Amazing Story of Capitalism

...and it's superiority to government aid. Here is a chain dedicated to making money. They saw opportunity in getting their stores in the affected area running.

And, in the process, solved many problems that government would not be able to do that efficiently.

Many businesses are like that - they provide a service, and, in the process, they make money. But, in a disaster, it just makes sense for them to be given priority to operate freely.

The real purpose of government is to operate so they aren't necessary. I mentioned in a post (can't remember where, and it's too late for me to bother finding it) that triage is essential in disaster situations. An essential part of that triage is to facilitate viable businesses getting off the ground, particularly those with needed consumer goods - that means the Lowe's/Home Depot/Ace hardware type.

Why not focus on the neighborhood store? Because of the chain's supply chains - they can get operational faster.

Similarly, I favor paying those who are jobless and homeless former renters to get out of Dodge. Give them sufficient money to relocate near family/friends, and think of them no more. It's cheaper than letting them hang around for years, sucking up resources that could go to people who will assist with the rebuilding process.

[NOTE: After I posted the above, I found another blogger, Richard Fernandez, writing in a similar vein]

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