Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Christians and Conservatives - Future-Oriented

There was a great Grassroots song - Live for Today, that perfectly epitomizes the youthful mindset. At that age, most are Grasshoppers - enjoying the moment, spending freely - sure that more money will easily be found, living with the expectation that they will survive forever.

At some point - preferably sooner than later - most Grasshoppers experience a full-face hit with Reality, and begin their metamorphosis into the adult Ant. (Yes, I know this is NOT how it works in Nature, but - I assure you - this is how it works in humans).

Two groups tend to be composed largely of those whose temperament is closer to the Ant's mentality.

  • Christians (which include all of the assorted rites and off-shoots)
  • Conservatives
Both are conscious of the way that Reality can diverge from Ideality, and - realistically - anticipate that this divergence is more likely to create an unfavorable situation, than one that is an improved scenario.

This is a bit of a handicap in planning protests and actions designed to get their message out. Unlike the Grasshoppers, who have no problem leaving this (click on the caption of the picture to see more damage photos):

The aftermath of many protests

the future-minded tend to clean up any mess that is made, 

and to pay for the extra costs of hosting their "Free" Speech - which, in Shapiro's case, cost $600,000 for security, driven up by an opposition that was determined to use violence to shut him down.

Is there a point to this? Only that preserving freedom and civilization is more time-consuming, expensive, and energy-draining than tearing it up. It's a task meant for Ants.

Fortunately, there are more of us. And, we have right (and God) on our side.

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